Activision server status: how to check if they are fallen

Activision tends to have some quite good servers, but like any server, it can have problems. Perhaps there is an error that is placing the system or servers are disconnected by maintenance. In any case, you can get a reading of the situation when verifying the state of the server. If you have connection problems and ask if Activision is fallen We will teach you How to check the status of your server.

Verification of the Activision server status

With Activision officially launching Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, you will want to be attentive to the state of its server, and what better way to find it than with the mouth of the horse?

Register on the status page of the official activation server.

Its first stop should be the state page of the Activision server. It will say, at close range, if all platforms are online. If you say otherwise, it goes to the next step.

Verify the server status by network.

Although it is still on the status page of the Activision server, you can also provide information on individual platforms such as PSN, Xbox Live, Epic Games, Steam,, Nintendo and Activision. By clicking on the appropriate platform, it will be sent directly to the official network of that platform.

See with the fall detector.

Last but not least, there is Down detector. It is a very good tool to verify live blackouts or problems informed by players. If you have problems, other people may also have them.

Activision tends to have some quite good servers and, unlike other titles, you can verify the server status for your games by obtaining it directly from the horse’s mouth.

Is Activision inactive right now?


According to the Activision server itself, there are no tweets or statements that indicate that the servers are fallen for any of their platforms (October 28, 2022, at 7:16).

That said, Activision has just launched Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, so it is likely that there are problems that require server maintenance, as well as any newly released title. We will be aware of the situation and update it with any novelty.

And that is how it verifies the state of the activation server to see if it is fallen.

Fence of the prominent image: Activision

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