USB-C charging cable for everyone comes! Millions of EU changes

Finally, the cable ALAT has come to an end: the eu has agreed on the uniform charging connection USB-C. Consumers and the environment should benefit.

Dortmund-laptop, smartphone, headphones-often all electronic devices have a different charging socket and consumers have to drag umpteen charging cables with them. There are also differences from manufacturers to manufacturers. Thanks to a new EU rule, this will soon end.

Uniform charging cable comes-EU decision to USB-C leaves consumers breathed a sigh of relief

The German Federal Government is praising the EU countries’ decision instead of cable. On Monday (October 24th), the Council of the European Union finally gave its GO for a uniform charging socket.

This now makes it clear that from autumn 2024, smartphones, headphones, speakers, tablets and many other electronic devices should have a uniform USB-C connection. Manufacturers must then equip all end devices sold in the EU with the connection.

USB-C charging cable comes for all devices-this is how consumers benefit

For consumers, this primarily brings the advantage that you do not have to get or buy a new charger every time you buy a new smartphone or similar devices. From autumn 2024 you only have to take a charging cable with you from autumn 2024.

However, the EU decision has a catch. Because for devices that have already been on the market until then, there is no need for retrofitting. Consumers who currently still have a device without a USB-C charging cable or buy one by the end of 2024 look into the tube.

You must continue to use different charging cables or, if necessary, upgrade your old device. However, this is not possible in all cases. But there is still good news: According to has, the large electronics manufacturers have been launching their devices for years with the USB-C connection. Apple is currently the exception, but the new EU decision also ends this (more digital news at ).


Uniform charging cable comes in the EU-manufacturers criticize the decision

There is therefore also great criticism from the manufacturers. Apple describes the new standard for charging cables as hostile to innovation with regard to charging duration and data transmission. As reported has, Bottom boss Bernhard Older joins the statement. He criticizes that the further development of wireless possibilities is slowed down. That is a disadvantage for consumers.

But there should also be uniform standards for wireless charging by the end of 2024. How exactly this should look like is not yet known. On the other hand, laptops and notebooks are temporarily excluded from the uniform charging cable. It is not until 2026 that the requirements should also apply to these end devices.

uniform charging cable on smartphones and headphones-laptops are excluded

The EU sees what tech companies see as a disadvantage as a decisive advantage for consumers and the environment. According to the German federal government, consumers bought 420 million electrical devices in the EU alone in 2020, and they have an average of three chargers to charge them. However, 38 percent would have problems with the loading because they did not have a compatible charging cable, the government said.

As the age show reports, consumers spend a lot of money annually. However, the EU decision should relieve consumers up to 250 million euros per year. The government’s information does not show whether this is no longer necessary for the purchase of new charging cables or the disposal of electronic waste.

One thing is clear: A charger that fits several devices not only saves money and time, but also helps to reduce electronic scrap, it says only in the letter. The various chargers fall around 11,000 tons of electronic waste each year-this develops through the EU regulation to the uniform chargers. It remains to be seen whether the discharge arrives to the extent.

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