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In 2018, Ben Broke, Hearthstone, who left Blizzard, has been back with the new card game for a long time.
It is Marvel Snap, which once received a lot of attention to the new work of ‘Second Dinner’, where major developers of ‘Hamilton Chu and Yong Woo, such as Ben Broad, Hamilton Chu and Yong Woo, are using the world-class Marvel IP.

‘Marvel Snap’, which resembles the pleasant smile of BB, which smiles in the mouth, is a card game that can be enjoyed lightly in a very short time.
Instead of having such a concise rule, I used the fun of using the wonderful illustrations of Marvel characters.

Game Name : Marvel Snap
Genre name : TCG
release date : 2022. 10. 18.
Review : Review build|
Developer : Second dinner
Service : nu verse
Platform : PC / Mobile (Android, iOS)
Play : Android


** Easy to Solitary

Not long before the official launch schedule of Marvel Snap was released, Ben Broad released a video that introduced how to play the game on YouTube. In the video, he introduced the game and said, It’s easier than the sole tear.

Now, from Hearthstone, a familiar TCG to everyone, to the Magic The Gathering series, which has world-class enthusiasts, one of the important factors that can be applied to most board games is how to explain the rules to the player. Even the Decency, which is side with friends on the playground, has different rules by region, and it is necessary to convey it more concise and easy to understand if it targets the world’s gamers.

In particular, in the case of Marvel Snap, which is not a previous series, Marvel Snap, whether gamers accept the rules quickly, can have a big impact on performance after launch. I think Ben Broad also mentioned the solitary in this context.

To be honest, when I first watched the video before playing the game, it was hard to grasp what the ‘Marvel Snap’ was. It was a video of Korean subtitles and full of energy unique to Ben Broad, but it didn’t touch what the rules are simple without doing it myself. However, after actually playing the game, it was possible to quickly acquire almost all rules in the tutorial process.

Marvel Snap is a really simple game. At the end of less than three minutes, you can only put two cards in one deck that the player can configure. In addition, all games are designed to exit in 6 turns, so even if you want to play the game longer, it is impossible.

When you start the game, three ‘regions’ appear in the center of the screen, and if you have higher power than the other person in two or more areas, you will win the game. It is almost impossible to take control of all three, so it is important to place the card as strategically as possible.

After all, the important thing in the gameplay of Marvel Snap can be divided into ‘cards’ and ‘region’. First, the region consists of familiar places on Marvel’s multi-buses, and features functions or effects that suit each region. For example, if the Wakanda region appears in the field, there is a rule that the blue shields are turned on around the area, and the cards placed in the area are never destroyed.

These areas are identified from left to left in three turns. Nobody knows what kind of effect will appear, so there are a lot of concerns about deploying cards. In the fifth turn, there is an unconditionally required to put a card in the area, or there are areas where each card has been reversed after a certain turn, which also gives the game unexpected.

‘Cards’ are all composed of those who appear in the Marvel IP that is familiar to us. Based on the multibus worldview, there’s a really endless number of characters. At the time of the launch of ‘Marvel Snap’, more than 150 cards can be collected, and you can collect more than 1,000 cards by including a deformation card that changes its appearance.

These cards also have the ability, power, and costs for each character. The higher the cost of the cost, the better the performance, and the better the performance of the local fight. However, it is necessary to be careful that the high cost card is not much used a lot, considering that there are six turns in one game.

The cost of the card that the player can use follows the turn. In the first turn, you can use one cost and 6 costs on the last six turns. Sometimes, there are areas that reduce the number of such costs, but they are usually fluid, but in general, the above rules are followed.

Now it’s d1. The cards available according to the cost are placed in the area, and the power sum of the placed cards is the winner of the area. The victory in two places win the game and reads the cosmic cube on the plate. Is it really simple?

This gameplay method flows a bit different from the ‘battle’ that is familiar to many TCG users. It’s not an attack between the characters in the field, or you don’t hit it. The game wins and loses are determined by the power of the cards placed in the area, and you can think of it as the core of ‘Marvel Snap’ to establish a strategy to further increase this power. Personally, I feel like it’s a very simple board game.

** When you are confident, shout ‘snap!’

We often bounce our fingers at the moment when something is amazing, or when the worries are solved. In the Marble Franchise, the Avengers series has a significant meaning for this ‘finger snap’, and if you have seen the end game, you still remember the most noble finger snap in the world.

Ben Broad, who left Blizzard and founded Second Dinner, said in an interview that he had a very difficult time with his colleagues because of Corona 19, which occurred immediately after the company’s establishment. I discussed the ideas of various games until I developed Marvel Snap, but in the end, I had to return to the very game that bounced my first finger. The many meanings of Marvel and Snaps were able to see how it was a very important system in the game.

As I talked about for a while, Marvel Snap is based on the ‘Cosmic Cube’ and compete with the opponent. It is a form that people who collect more cosmic cubes in many universes contained in the multibus can go to higher ranks. Eventually, after the game is over, the winner wins all the cosmic cubes, and the loser will lose the cube.

Usually, a game fights with the first cosmic cube, but in the last 6 turn, the number of cubes doubles. If no one gives up in 6 turns, the winner gets two cubes and the loser is the opposite system.

‘Snap’ is like a seasoning that causes tension in this competition. If someone shouts the snap during the play, the number of cubes hanging is doubled from the next turn. In other words, if both people who play the game shouted the snaps, they will be fighting for eight cubes in the last turn.

Marvel Snap emphasizes the system of this snap from the tutorial process. The game is played with a risk, but when you win, the reward is doubled. Of course, if you don’t want to have this risk, it is a just strategy to give up the game in the middle and lose only one cube.

Doesn’t something poker come to mind? The other person does not know what my hand is, so there is a side that resembles a ‘bluffing’ that raises enough to throw a card. No matter how much I look at it, I’m disadvantageous, but it can be a scene where ‘Snap’ shines again. As Gone said in the movie ‘Jazz’, he dies.

Card design that stimulates Marvel fan collection desire

You can’t help but talk about the various card designs of Marvel Snap, which has been interested before the launch. Personally, I played the game for the first time, and it’s my favorite element.

The overall gameplay of Marvel Snap has a very simple structure. Games that takes less than three minutes in one edition to get cosmic cubes and sculptures to upgrade your cards. Cosmic cube is an element used to raise your rank, and the card upgrade is used to raise your collection level.

Upgrading the card is not to increase the performance of a specific card, but to change its appearance purely. All the first cards that are the first to be given are drawn in the gray frame, which is a ‘frame brake’ if you upgrade it once, and the character’s appearance is further emphasized through the frame. Then, if you upgrade the rare, you can see that the character starts to look like a hologram card, and it will change as you move your smartph1. In this way, it was also fun to see the cards that were getting cool.

The rank may be more important for someone, but this ‘collection level’ is really important in terms of the game of collecting cards. Whenever the level goes up, you can get new cards and various items for embellished, and you will play a new deck with the card you get.

In fact, the only way to get a new card from ‘Marvel Snap’ I have played so far was to raise the collection level. This is because there is no system that sells card packs like other Tags. In an interview, Ben Broad also nailed that I planned to sell a booster pack, so there was no way except raising the collection level until I got the card I wanted.

You can check the ‘deformation card’, a quick upgrade, and the season pass, etc.

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