7th anniversary update, including the god of dice and the addition of new maps

Joy City (CEO CHO Sung-won) announced on the 14th that the mobile board game ‘God of Dice’ has launched a large-scale update for the 7th anniversary of the service.

First, a new map ‘mascaraed’ has been added. ‘Mask Raid’ is a new map set in the background of the old-fashioned ball and is characterized by combining the charm of the deck building genre. The user selects two masks with ‘conditions’ and ‘effect’ at the start of the game, which is expected to enable different strategic play.


In addition, the new content ‘Guild Raid’ was introduced. In ‘Guild Raid’, the user can win a 1: 1 match with the boss to earn ‘Raid Point’, and the guild or personal rankings are based on ‘Raid Point’ acquired. You can share your guild members by helping guild members by helping guild members with assistant items and skill cards.

On the 7th anniversary of the service, we will hold a rich event. First, the 7th Anniversary Special Store will be opened and 770,000 miles will be paid free. Users can buy seven packages worth 110,000 won for free using the mileage. In addition, a video of ‘God of Dice’, which is read by the four-cut webtoon of ‘God of Dice’ and ‘OK’, a ‘God of Dice’ through collaboration with Woo Min, has been released.

In addition to this, in commemoration of the 7th anniversary of the service, we will provide thanksgiving letters and 1,000 jewelry, and we will provide a mission to acquire 1,000 gems and 700 topazes. In addition, for new and return users, the ‘winner guide’ and ‘100 free draw’ events will be held, and the new map ‘masked’ attack event will be held, and a commemorative tournament will be held.

More information about the God of Dice can be found in the official community.

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