A unique open world ADV The Eternal Cylinder Steam/PS5/Xbox Series X in which a strange creature is radiated by mutation

Ace Team and Publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment have started distribution for PC (Steam)/Xbox Series X | S/Overseas PS5 of the open world survival adventure The Eternal Cylinder .

This work is a survival adventure that survives on a harsh planet while strange creatures change their appearance by mutation. After being announced in 2019, it was distributed to PC (Epic Games Store)/Xbox One/overseas PS4 in October 2021.

Players are born as a small creature PREMIUM in a dangerous planet in which the old huge structure, Cylinder, which crushes everything in front of you. A vast open world dominated by four kinds of living groups that vampires strange animal and fauna, gathers friends and find ways to survive from cylinders.

PREMIUM has advanced adaptability, allowing mutations to evolve new physical characteristics and abilities. Choose more than 50 variants, such as raw thorns, release tornadoes, and fly, forming a group of various abilities and adapting to harsh environments.

Anniversary update is also implemented along with the Steam version distribution. In addition to two types of creatures and new mutations that can be encountered in the desert and tundra, it supports 4K and late racing.

The Eternal Cylinder is distributed to PC (Steam, Epic Games Store)/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Overseas PS5/PS4. In Steam, the launch discount is 2,056 yen, 20 % off until October 21.

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