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DHL is now offering a new service. In particular, Amazon customers benefit. Read all the details here:

Kassel-DHL complaints are not new: Sometimes customers cannot pick up their packages, sometimes the packages do not arrive. The parcel service provider recently changed its reception and shipping options. The greatest innovation concerned climate neutrality.

new details about DHL change: millions affected by millions

Customers are given the opportunity to receive packages in a climate-neutral manner-for a financial surcharge. This contribution should be used for DHL climate protection measures. CO2 emissions are to be avoided with electric vehicles, photovoltaic systems and heat pumps for postal buildings.

Finally, a price increase at DHL caused trouble. On average, the prices for a parcel or a package rose by 50 cents. However, not all DHL products are affected by the price increase, according to the parcel service. Now consumers have to adapt to another innovation, as reports.

DHL starts new cooperation with Amazon: This is how the new service works

In collaboration with DHL, Amazon offers its customers a new service: Returns have been able to return since the 8. October can also be handed over to the corresponding DHL annual offices without packaging. This reports the news portal

Customers received a QR code for the Amazon returns. This must be shown for the label expression in the DHL parcel shop. Then the goods come in a paper bag.

The DHL employees collected the returned returns for up to seven days, reports the online consumer portal. The packages would be sent to Amazon at the latest on the seventh day. According to how many days the customers get their money back, it is not known (more service news at ).

DHL and Amazon cooperate-not all customers benefit

However, the offer does not apply to all Amazon products-but only for articles that fit in the DHL bags provided. As usual, customers would have to send larger or fragile goods with a suitable and stable packaging.

The Amazon service is not brand new. The US company has a similar cooperation with the Buried Express Package Service UPS.

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