Fortnite Desdeemon Skin: How to get the package, release date and price

With Fortnitmares approaching quickly, Epic Games has begun to launch new masks associated with the event. In the most recent update, Fortnite developers launched a new package called The common, which adapts perfectly to Halloween event. So, if you ask how to grab it, here is everything you need to know about Fortnite’s disdain.

Fortnite Desdemona launch date

Epic Games launched Fortnite common Skin on Wednesday, October 12, after the launch of review 22.10. They also published an official advance of the package with the attire of the main character and the peak. Here is a look at the teaser of the skin common:


You will remember today as the day DESDEMONA released.

Get her attire in the articles store now!

-Fortnite (@fortnitegame) October 13, 2022

How to get the skin Fortnite Desdemona and its price

The only way to get the appeal of Desdemona from now on is to buy it in the Fortnite game store. As always, players have two options to grab the skin. Or you can buy it individually for 1200 turkeys or buy the complete Darkest Circles package, which costs around 1800 turkeys.

Image source: epic games

The Darkest Circles package is reequipped with the base design, Ocular Back Blow, Fury Harvesting Tool, Star bright Wrap and Underworld Ink Loading Screen. Therefore, paying additional 600 V-Bucks for the complete package will definitely be a profitable offer.

Image source: epic games

It is worth noting that the package can leave the game store at any time in the future. Therefore, add it to your collection before it leaves the store.

There you have it. That is all you need to know about ** Skin Desdemona de Fortnite. Explanation and how to solve it and Fortnite is currently going through a long time of inactivity of the server.

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