How to play Zaks Ja’kar in Moonbreaker – the best composition and assistants

One of the most important aspects of Moon breaker is your captain. This often determines the style of the play that you use and the strategies that will help you win. The most difficult captain that requires more planning is MASS JA’Car. This can make you ask how to play for him and his best units and assistants in Moon breaker.

The best strategies for Oaks JA’Kara in Moonbreaker-advice and recommendations

The Tax JA’Car set strongly supports control in Battle Field So we recommend playing for it in the defense and do just that. Select a place with reliable shelter and several ways of retreat. This will allow you to put mines block or slow down the advance of the enemy. The Far Board attack of Oaks JA’Kara can discard enemies, and his ability to gravity of the well can drag out enemy units into the mines.

Depending on how many long-range units your opponent plays, we recommend that you push JA’Kara to throw mines while you set up your protection and perimeter in your chosen location. This will slow your enemy and give you more time to create narrow places. However, do not go too far with your captain, since you will need to return it as soon as you prepare.

As soon as your defense is ready, use Tax JA’Car to keep the enemy in fear and attack him with your strong distant fights. Your units of close combat can cope with the enemy who came too close, but you should try to prevent their approach. The enemy captain should be your main goal because you need to win them to win, and because holding them does not allow them to place units for your protection.

The best list of units for Oaks JA’Kara in Moon breaker

Since you should play Oaks JA’car in the defense, we recommend that you provide your composition Powerful long-range units . Do not neglect the selection of several units of close combat for protection, but strive for those that give a bonus to your long-range, such as Amplifier Biol, or provide movement, like Crank bait. Here is our recommendation for the best composition of Tax JA’Car in Moon breaker.

  • Protective drone AEGIS
  • Amplifier Biol
  • Beatrice, Slovak
  • Cobblers
  • Florid, Lancer
  • Maximus
  • Peacemaker Balm
  • Switching

  • Ur six nectarine/Stitch McPetchi
  • Nijinsky bastion (reserve)

Best Assists for Oaks JA’Kara in Moon breaker

The best assistant for Tax JA’Car is ash infusion , since you will spend a lot of ash to establish control over the arena. After that, you want either destructive beam or vortex beam to increase your control over the board. Stage passenger -another excellent choice, because it will save you from the need to spend ash on the placement of more units on your bridge. We recommend that these assistants give priority when possible.

Other good options include abuse of assistants, such as link as well as orbital blow or you can pick up corrosion particles to increase the damage to your long-range units. If you can get one of the priority programs, the other help you receive does not matter much.

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