Phil Spencer promises to solve a big problem with quick summarizes

When the Xbox Series X | s reached the market, the quick summarizes, a skill that allows us to jump between various games without having to face load screens, it was one of the most striking aspects. However, During the last weeks a problem has been pointed out with this function , something that Phil Spencer himself promises to take into account.

Although Quick summarizes is a skill that works very well in traditional games, those who are focused on online multiplayer, such as infinite, Fortnite_ u Overwatch 2, do not work well with this function. In this way, Many users have asked to make it possible to disable the quick summary :

I still do not understand how it is not a characteristic that you can disable, it is incredible for many games, but when it tries to quickly resume a game only online, break it completely, and you have to leave manually. If there was only one option to disable it for such games.

Fortunately, these are not unanswered, since Phil Spencer, Xbox head, has indicated that they will take these opinions to work in a way of solving these problems:


A good function to ask for, makes sense. We will put it in the list of things to consider.

The main problem that the public has, is that when jumping between game when using the quick summarizes, connectivity with online games is lost, or does not work as it should . In this way, many choose to close these experiences, instead of waiting for this function to continue without problems.

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