Anyone can participate for free! Guilty Gear Strive Cross Platform Opva Announcement

Ark System Works has a network open beta test with cross-platforms from the PS4/PS5/Steam fighting game GUILTY GEAR-STRIVE-(Guilty Gear Strive) 10/14 (Fri) 10: 00-10///// It was announced that it will be performed on the PS4/PS5/Steam version at 16:00 on Monday 17 (Monday).

This test can participate for free even if you have not purchased the game, and you can use 21 characters including additional DLC. A separate application is required from the product version, and it cannot be handed over to the product version of the data.

The mode that can be played is as follows.

■ Playable mode
・ Tutorial mode
You can learn the basic way of playing the game
・ Mission mode
It is a mode that performs useful techniques in actual battles in mission format
・ Survival mode
It is a mode that fights with COM with a limited physical strength
・ Training
You can reproduce various situations and practice freely
You can play against computers and friends
・ Online match (rank tower, open park, player match) You can play online with players around the world
・ Combo manufacturer


You can create original continuous techniques and cooperation, or search for continuous techniques created by other players.
・ Digital figure
You can freely place characters, furniture, effects, etc. to create an original scene
・ You can enjoy the materials and BGM of the gallery character

Guilty Gear Strive Cross Platform Network Open Beta Test will be held on PS4/PS5/Steam from 10/14 (Fri) 10:00 to 10/17 (Mon) 16:00. It is likely to be a good opportunity for missionary teaching to friends and family because it can be participated for free.

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