First look at the new series of the protagonist of Better Call Saul

A few weeks ago one of the most beloved shows on television, Better Call Saul , reached its end after two episodes that caught the attention of breaking fans Bad . However, its protagonist actor, Bob Odenkirk , is ready to continue his next project called Straight Man **, which is already a first glance.

In a recent interview, Odenkirk talked about the program and how he compares with Better Call Saul both in similarities and differences.

Here his comment:

I just think the tone is great. It feels like a new mixture of comedy and drama that we have been on the edge for a long time. It’s like you took a very fun program, such as Parks and Rec, and you said: ‘Let’s reduce the speed and know these people and make their internal battles a little more of the subject’. So it is really a great combination of comedy and the type of drama we have had to do in Better Call Saul.

This is the synopsis of Straight Man:

It is a drama television series and comedy of American origin for AMC, based on the series of the novel of the same name of Richard Russo with Bob Odenkirk giving life to William Henry Devereaux, Jr. full of complexity, humor and depth, the Series follows the first-person perspective of William Henry Devereaux, Jr., the unexpected president of the English Department at a University of Pennsylvania with very scarce funds. From there, Devereaux’s median crisis shoots, since he must assume all the discomfort and headaches that entails a new position so charged and seriously unattended. The series is a medium-sized crisis story set at Milton College in Pennsylvania Rust Belt.

For now, it has no release date, it is only said that it will be released in 2023 .

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