The worst crime of Vegeta in Dragon Ball was against his family

We know that the character of Veg eta in the Saga of Dragon Ball originated as a villain, which little by little became friends with Roku and is currently one of the heroes who defend the earth. However, during the first sagas he was someone egocentric, even to commit crimes against his own family that he now loves so much.

During the arc of the androids, the Taiwan was at a time when the number 20 made a kind of blackmail to escape, since he flew in pieces a plane where he was Burma and the newborn Trunks . This did not care about the character at all, and he continued in him for the Dr. Hero , leaving others the task of rescuing them.

So a little later, the version of the future of Trunks ended up throwing in face what happened, because he could not believe how cruel he could be with his couple and his own son. His response was that he did not care in the least, implying that at that point the character continued to see for his own interests, without interesting him anything else in the world.

Fortunately, in later sagas there is a notable change in Prince Veg eta , since he sacrificed himself for his loved ones when Main BUU threatened to destroy humanity. In addition, in the saga of Super we also saw it defending Burma , this after Bills , the God of destruction, slapped him at his birthday party.

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