HBO discloses the first band


After a very first summary program in the heart of August, HBO has finally just raised the veil on the first trailer in the television collectionThe Last of United States _.

The launch of the collection by HBO will intervene during following year, without a details date for the moment. We still do not understand which broadcaster will certainly offer it on French territory, because the contract between OCS as well as Warner Bros. For the unique broadcast of the HBO directory is expired this year as well as has still not been renewed, while Orange is looking for a purchaser for the chain, a deficit despite its 3 million customers.

That’s it, right here it is, the first trailer in the TV seriesThe Last people _. Unsurprisingly, those that have toured the game ten times will certainly not drop from their chair by uncovering it, as mimicry with the original job is striking. Whether it is his tandem of heroes camped by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, his creatures consistently reproduced-we also see a slammer-and also specific sound effects straight attracted from the video game, commitment to the original material is total.

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