Newstate Mobile, Ainta Battle Royale Mode official launch

Craft Tone’s mobile Battle Royale ‘New state Mobile’ will update in September.


The main contents of this update are the official launch of the Battle Royale Mode of the new map AKITA ▲ extension of the New state Laboratory period ▲ Halloween commemorative event ▲ Add new gun ‘AK ALFA’ to be.

Battle Royale mode of the new map Akita has been officially released. ‘Akita’ is a 4 km x 4 km small map, which gives a close-in-sized and native feel in the background of Africa. 64 players participate and give a 15-minute faster and exciting battle royale experience. The Anita Map has a magnetic injury tram from the center of the map, allowing users to actively use the tram.

In August, the laboratory period of the Kinda: Bounty Royale mode, which was introduced as the first content of the New state Lab, will be extended. Users will be able to play the Akita: Bounty Royale mode in the labs that are open at all times without ‘invitation tickets’. From October 1, if you achieve a mission to commemorate Halloween, an event will be held to obtain abundant rewards such as costumes and weapons skins.

The new firearms AK Alpha, the most powerful damage to the seventh firearms, has been added. ‘AK Alpha’ is a field drop firearm dropped throughout the map, which can be equipped with various attachments on scope, handles and magazine slots. The anti-inflammatory function of ‘AK ALFA’ and ‘KAR98K’ bolt action sniper firearms were also added.

The British luxury sports and supercar brand McLaren collaboration with McLaren. Various in-game collaboration items with McLaren themes such as costumes, helmets, backpacks, gloves, hats, sneakers, masks, vehicles, and Warren are available. McLaren’s convertible spider model ‘720s Spider’ vehicle skins will also be released. There are five colors: Volcano Yellow, Paris Blue, Blazing Violet, Fever Pink, and Black and White. New state Mobile also conducted a collaboration with McLaren in March, adding McLaren’s LT model 765LT as a new vehicle.

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