Propose to decorate the room in the next move to shoot in photo mode, post on SNS, and enjoy in -game shooting!

The photo mode of the game that has become normal recently. If you search for SNS, many masterpieces taken in various games have been posted, and GAME*Spark has also provided a special article that explains photography techniques in photo mode.

Some readers may be enjoying the beautiful scenery of the game, the powerful battle scenes, and the favorite characters.

Therefore, in this article, I will tell you how to enjoy taking photos in-game as an interior of the room as a way of enjoying one step further.

What pixel is the photo taken in the game? Can you really decorate it?

In order to decorate the room, it is necessary to make the photo format that can get information taken in photo mode in some way.

At that time, the number of pixels is worrisome. I want to avoid the tragedy that the photo was blurred in the form of a photo. Therefore, in this section, we will explain the concept of pixels and how to view pixel information in PS5 and PC.


The number of pixels is the number of points that make up photos as digital data. If you explain the gamer on the monitor screen familiar, the full HD screen is about 2 million pixels at 1,920 x 1,080. On the 4K screen, 3,840 x 2,160 is about 8 million pixels.

For pixel information, right-click the image in the PC image, and can be confirmed from the property → details.

In PS5, you can display the resolution by checking with the menu screen when the image is displayed, or by transferring it to the PC. Also, I want to be aware of the resolution in the video output in PS5. If the PS5 setting → screen and video → video output → resolution video output settings are low, it seems that the low resolution may be extended to 3840 x 2160 and saved.

This time, I am taking pictures while playing games on the 4K monitor screen. In conclusion, I was able to make a satisfactory photo with 8 million pixels (I tried this time until A2).

From the following, I will explain the difference between silver salt color paper and printing based on the actual printed photos.

Recommended for slightly small photos, silver salt color paper

I used a smartphone and digital camera print on Fuji Film’s photo print service. From the square size (89 x 89 mm) to the maximum size, you can print a wide range of photos, from four-cut wide (254 x 366 mm). I’m also happy that the price is cheap.

According to the product description of Fuji film, this print uses EVER-Beauty Paper for Laser, a type of silver salt color paper, and seems to be able to cause image information in high reproducibility. A silver salt color paper is a method in which a laser light is applied to a laser light and a colored component that contains a component of silver and a color component, and a wide color can be brighter than the on-demand printing (ink jet) described later.

Aside from the difficulties, let’s take a look at the photos that were actually printed. What I printed this time is the postcard size and A4 size. Let’s take a look from the postcard size.

The area of Horizon forbidden West is printed with 4K resolution. You can see that the details are printed without failure.

This is the PS4 version of Cyber Punk 2077. You can see that if it is a postcard size, the resolution of the HD can be put out well enough. By the way, the postcard size is 65 yen (including tax). It is a very nice point that it is very cheap.

So what about A4 size?

This is also beautiful. According to the Fuji film site, the recommended pixels in A4 size are 2516 x 3544 pixels (9 million pixels equivalent) and 4K or more, but it seems that the painting expression unique to the game can be fully satisfied. Is. The price of the A4 size is more than 847 yen (including tax), but the wallet will not hurt even if you change it once a month.

Recommended for large posters, on-demand printing

On-demand printing does not require a printing version, but is a method of spraying and printing ink such as cyan, magenta, and yellow. To put it simply, it would be easier to imagine the business version of a home ink jet printer.

This time, order in A2 size. The price was about 1600 yen for shipping 3 business days.

The printed battle at the beginning of HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST was printed. There is a glossy and beautiful printing, but if you pay attention to the details, you will be dissatisfied with the resolution. After all, it is difficult to give an oyster feeling in this size and printing method. However, there is only A2 size (420 x 594 mm) and its presence is outstanding. This time, there was only one experimental one, but I would like to order and arrange about three more.

Let’s decorate with frame!

Now, let’s actually decorate the house when you can print the photo. It is a frame to use to decorate. There are a variety of frames in the world, and there are various designs, as well as cheap to expensive.

What I chose this time is these frameworks, which are reasonably priced. It’s nice to cut 2000 yen even in A4 size. The fixing method that you are worried about in rental properties is not a problem because it is considered a normal life in the thumbtack / pinhole. (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism: Troubles and guidelines over recovery)

Just put the photo. You can always feel the world of your favorite games. You may change it according to the game you are currently playing.

By the way, the total budget of the above image is 2737 yen + 977 yen for photos for 3714 yen. Whether you feel expensive or cheap, it is different for each person, but it is a more satisfying way to spend money as a room interior.

As mentioned above, we have told you how to decorate the room taken in photo mode in the room. In-game photography to make the room interior also brings fresh and new pleasures. Please try it!

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