How to get clay in the Drimlinite Valley – Clay Growing Guide

Finding clay is as simple as other resources in Disney Dream light Valley. The only difference is that players are not so clear where to look. Unlike stone or soil, in the game you are not given special indications of how to get clay. Fortunately, there are several key places where clay is the most.

Где найти Клэя в Долине Дримлайт Диснея?

All clay locations in the Drimlinite Valley

To find Claim, you need to make sure you are looking for in the right areas. This is due to the fact that clay does not appear in all areas of the map. There are three biomes in which Clay will be found in the Disney Drimelaite Valley:

* Forgotten lands

Poland of trust *
Sun poured plateau *

In these biomes, you need to follow wet/dirty puddles , especially near reservoirs. These patches will not always produce clay, instead, only star coins or soil will sometimes fall out.

How to collect clay in Disney Dream light Valley

You need a shovel to collect clay, as if you collected the soil in Disney Dream light Valley. Find one of the wet/dirty spots in one of the biomes listed above. Go to the patch and equip your shovel using the Tab key. Interact with the area to dig it.

This has a moderate chance to place clay on the ground nearby so that you can choose it and put it in your inventory (if you have enough space). If you do not get cleans immediately, Continue to delve into other patches until it appears .

What is the clay in the Drimlinite valley?

Here are the most common things for which you will use clay in Disney Dream light Valley:

  • Mysterious fragment quest for GUI
  • Other different quests
  • Production of furniture and outdoor decor

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