Instagram soon like Twitter? Meta tests currently coveted function

Instagram keeps thinking new functions. Not everyone likes the users. What it looks like with the latest highlight?

Dortmund-Instagram is constantly changing. Some users don’t like that at all. They fear that the original photo platform will become more and more a TikTok due. Perhaps the applied instar users can be soothed with the latest update.

Instagram wants to enable sharing of contributions-beyond stories and news

It is not uncommon for Instagram to stumble across contributions that, in addition to a pretty picture, also carry an inspiring message with them, or about those who are just very funny. So inspiring or funny that you would like to share them with your own followers.

However, this is only possible to a limited extent. If you want to share contributions or reels (short videos), you can only do this via your own Instagram story that disappears after 24 hours or about a private message-so far. Because Instagram is already working on another solution.

Instagram tests new function-share contributions and videos in your own profile

First, the social media consultant Matt Navarre noticed a small change in the profile of the Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri. Because there is a new symbol recently saw the light of the world. And this symbol provides information on a new reposting function. This is also confirmed by the meta group compared to the technology portal TechCrunch.

A spokesman confirms that this function is currently being tested internally. It should be possible to reshare posts-that is, to share. Similar to the stories currently possible, only in your own feed.

Instagram test will soon be expanded-before everyone can share

An important point in this innovation: the credits. Because these are preserved in this way and the creators of an original post should always be recognizable (more digital news at ).

It is not yet clear when the new function of the broad Instagram mass will be made available. But the meta spokesman states to TechCrunch that a test with a few users will soon be planned.


Twitter function on Instagram in the test: Facebook can do it-Tikkok wants it

If you are familiar with this function of the repost, you may feel reminded of Twitter and the Retweet. Because here the feature originates. But Instagram is not the first social media platform to adapt this function.

With the meta sister Facebook it is also possible to share contributions to others in his profile. And competitor TikTok is also reporting on a similar function.

Instagram works on Twitter function: The first critics also criticize before launch

It remains to be seen whether there are more than critical people who are more than critical of the fact that new instagram functions are tired of a change in the photo platform. Because there is already criticism.

The social media expert Corinne Lodger suspects in a Twitter post that in particular reels-short videos-can be shared. That would mean further strengthening the videos on Instagram. Further fear: that the new function could make it more difficult to see where the original content comes from.

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