The Sims 4 for beginners: life of a SIM, basic needs, hobbies and more

Anyone might think that starting in the Sims 4 is sewing and singing, but let me tell you that you are completely crazy if you think so. Playing the Sims 4 is like living, but duplicated (because now you have another life to maintain), with the possibility of controlling time and with an infinity of self-imposed responsibilities.

If you really want to take care of the life of one or more Sims, attend to these basic tips because they could truly save the lives of your characters and avoid losing years of life.

Basic tips to start playing the Sims 4

The first thing you should know before starting to play is that the Sims 4 have a huge number of tutorials that teach you to navigate the menus and what each thing of the HUD is for.

Consequently, my first advice is very clear: Follow the tutorials . Don’t be like me, I don’t pay much attention to them, and then I get angry because I can’t find things and I find out when I have been 100 hours of play.

Once you finish the tutorials, they will recommend that you go through the box to buy the proficient LCS that the game has. My second advice is that you do not buy a DLC until you have squeezed the base content of the game. You don’t need them at all for the moment.

Sim life

The life of your sim does not differ too much from that of any average human being: they are born (if the SIM is not created by you), they grow, they begin to increase in level to obtain skills, cross adolescence and maturity working, socializing and entertaining you; Reach old age and focus on enjoying your hobbies and finally dying.

As you can see, the Sims 4 is like life itself. There are even money and social values . The best part of all this is that it will take you by the hand how much you allow it, so treat that your first games are with the game’s help systems.

needs of your sim

A normal SIM, without getting into vampire transformations and loans, has basic needs that you must cover with different actions. They are not elusive: either you comply or your SIM will have a very, very raw life.

Hunger: * Eat using a refrigerator or a plate of food. The ideal is to have a functional kitchen with appliances and garbage.

Energy: * Sleep in your bed to be possible. If the energy bar hurries a lot, you are likely to be asleep anywhere and that your mood decays.
Hygiene: Use the bathtub or shower to stay clean if you want to have good relationships.
Social: You need to socialize so that your SIM is happy, this happens to talk to other characters, establish friendship and love relationships, and have pets.
* Fun: Your SIM needs to have fun with music, video games, internet, social networks… in short: leisure.

The big difference between The Sims 4 and real life is that in the latter you can slightly skip some of these needs by the exit of a video game or for being declined.

I do not recommend that your SIM have any of these bars to a minimum because a domino effect will begin to occur with the rest of the bars, and you will begin to lose years of life (in real life) based on disgust. And how do you prevent your SIM from falling into the deepest depression? Eating, resting, going to the bathroom and enhancing his hobbies:

Newborn: * Music
Childhood: Capital of games, collect shells, paint with your fingers.
Pre-adolescence: Karate, ballet, diving, artistic skating, collect shells, skill tests.
Adolescence: * From diving and artistic skating at spell launch, flight with broom, surfing, dance, bowling, cat shows, parties… for adolescents anything is worth.
Adult: Cooking, diving, artistic skating, fashion designer, fishing, ghostbusters, riding, dance, surfing, working model, archery, cazatalentos, makeup artist, preparation of potions… everything I can Get together with a job.
Maturity and old age: Fisheries, kitchen, feed the birds, train dogs, tell stories, survival and cat shows.

These are some of the considerations that you should take into account in your first games. Remember to attend to the tutorials and follow the advice I have given you in this guide. Be patient, and you will discover why the Sims 4 is a game so loved by the community.

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