Chuseok holiday return home and return -gil?

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Hangar holiday has begun. If you think of the holidays, you can’t miss the roads and crowded trains that are blocked by national transition.

Why don’t you choose a mobile game that suits your tastes? Game events that make use of the holiday atmosphere will also be fun.

** ◆ Breaking the new MMORPG stamp, Hit 2

First, you can experience gorgeous combat skills and open world exploration through the new large-scale multi-ranking roles (MMORPGs), which are the top popular games.

Nixon ‘Hit 2′ is a new work that concentrates on Nixon Games’ know-how, and in the process of occupying the castle and occupying the castle according to the story that grows to become a king in the background of the original ‘hit’, large-scale battle and PVP in the process of occupying the castle It is a game that plays (user war). It aims to provide organic interactions between users based on its own system, such as creative sponsorship and decision of rules in the world through user voting. By 12th, each day of the game, each day of the game will be provided with different lucky money and songpyeon as Cause Event.

Line Games’s ‘Sea Age Origin’ is a title to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Sea Series. In sailing and exploration, it is possible to feel that it is actually operating a fleet from the world by building wind directions, wind speeds, and birds from all over the world. Line Games added ‘Songpyeon’ as a limited trade product during the Cause period, and the major cities were also decorated with the theme.

In Net marble’s Seven Knights Revolution, the user’s avatar can be transformed into a variety of heroes to maximize the combat power, and strategic battles can be fulfilled through the use of the hero’s own skills and the combination of weapons and skills. In addition, you can customize your own hunting grounds, and you can share it with other users. During Cause, a ‘collecting songpyeon’ event will be held to combine items with songpyeon collected through mission play in the game.

◆ 3 kinds of sports with simple hands, professional baseball 2022 · COMETA · Golf Star

If the MMORPG, which takes a long time, is burdensome, a simple sports game is also recommended.

‘Net marble Pro Baseball 2022’ is a real baseball game released by Net marble & Park, and is a game that implements the appearance and specific forms of the players and the stadium of 10 clubs. In particular, it is possible to create your own team by using ‘Career Mode’, which can create and grow ‘my own player’, and use your own players with real players. You can also enjoy a player card that reflects the actual records and a baseball card with a core scene of professional baseball.

‘Come Pro Baseball V22’ was also developed by inheriting the ‘Com2uS Pro Baseball’ intellectual property (IP) for more than 20 years. The motion capture of the motion captures the level of representing the stadium and athletes more than four times compared to the previous one.

Both games can create a club with friends or acquaintances through the ‘Club’ system to enjoy the game together to grow the club.

Not only baseball but also 3D mobile golf games can be easily enjoyed. Comes ‘Golf Star’ is a golf game that embodies the fun of playing golf in reality through physical engine, high quality 3D graphics, and various shot skills based on realism. By clicking on the chestnut icon of the main lobby by the 15th, you can apply for the gift you want with the chestnut entry, according to the number of halls you completed, and you can select a club set and caddy back to commemorate the Cause holiday. Pull the box.

◆ Healing holidays that need healing, casual game Merge Kenya Island and Soup

I want to have fun, but if you want to get out of the competition, the healing game is perfect.

Based on Net marble’s own IP ‘Kenya’, ‘Merge Kenya Island’ is a ‘Merge’ game that creates new objects by combining three objects in the Western region. You can make ‘your own island’ using the resources and Kenya characters collected and ‘Mum-‘ ‘and are characterized by simple and immersive operation. Until the 12th, there will be events that can be acquired by touching flying flight resources such as ‘Star Sculpture’, ‘Coin’ and ‘Wood’.

Neo wiz’s ‘Cat and Soup’ is a healing mobile game, which is greatly loved in the global market through cartoon-style cute illustrations and easy operation. Soups and drinks can be sold to purchase various items such as clothes, accessories, and furniture, and can expand the space of cats, and sometimes cats can bring instant gifts for users. Recently, he added a Korean short hair cat ‘cow’ and a new cooking facility ‘sugar cane’.

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