Wild Rift – Patch 3.4: New champions, objects and more news to celebrate its anniversary

League of Legends: Wild Rift is about to receive one of the greatest updates in its history. The Patch 3.4 will arrive at the Riot Games video game on September 14, introducing four new champions in the title, near a dozen objects, changes in the wild pass, new events and even an unpublished mode of game in the Mobile version The developers go with everything to celebrate the anniversary months of a title that continues to eat the Moba market in iOS and Android.

Four new champions arrive at Wild Rift on patch 3.4

The most interesting novelties that will arrive at the video game over the next few weeks will be, as usual, the new champions. Although the new League of Legends chief has suggested that in the future there could be an exclusive character, for now the players will have to enjoy the new adaptations from the original version . Nothing considering that this time it will be a total of four unpublished heroes that will be incorporated into the miniaturized version of the invoker crack and that some of them are particularly interesting.

Gwen *: destined to be played on Baron Street, this champion is intimately related to the history of the ruined king. She is a tremendously powerful character in the computers version, especially in good hands. She attacks armed with scissors and is a sensational duelist who also shines in fights. You used to read Gwen is immune.
Yone : Yasuo’s brother joins him in League of Legends: Wild Rift to play, mainly, in the central lane. He has an identical ability to advise a sword forward, but his kit is much more varied and is focused on quickly ending the enemies. Prepare to see it very common in your games.
Vex : She is used almost exclusively in the central lane and is very good to counteract the mobility of enemies. She inflicts a lot of damage, has a perfect definitive one for rotations and requires dominating her interesting passive that terrifies enemies. An addition that, in addition, will like those who want to relive the interior teenager of him.
* Warwick : It is one of League of Legends classics and promises to become a trend in the lowest ranges of the game. He works very well, it is easy to use and has a good definitive 1. He is good in everything without highlighting anything (except for his healing) and can be used both in Baron Street and in the jungle.

The new Wild Rift patch objects 3.4

The other great novelty of Patch 3.4 of League of Legends: Wild Rift in terms of novelties will be related to items. Riot Games will make great changes to some existing articles and has announced a total of eight new incorporations .

Creagrietas *: It grants omnisuction, skill power and is designed for long fighting by increasing damage the harder the exchange. It is the item par excellence for Gwen, so it makes sense that she is introduced into the game.
Snake fang : It is cheap, offers a good amount of statistics and fits perfectly in the ‘Build’ of attack damage murderers. Inflicts more damage to enemies protected by a shield.
Cosmic impulse : It offers speed of movement, skill power and skill speed. It is perfect for many fighters who use skill power and also give up in the magicians.
Imperial mandate *: mainly used by support champions, makes the allies who hit a champion on which we have achieved a control effect in recent seconds take away more life.
Shield Reiquia : New initial item for supports, allows you to execute the minions when hitting them (when they have less than a certain amount of life) and makes both the item carrier and the closest partner take the gold.
Spectral hoz : Another initial support object. It gives adaptable damage and being close to an ally allows us to win gold by hitting champions or enemy turrets.
Enchantment-Meteoro *: invokes a meteorite that inflicts magical damage depending on the maximum life of the rivals.
Enchantment-Protection *: Increases the power of the following healing or shield used by the bearer (they do not count the cures or shields caused by objects or runes).


Other great novelties that arrive at Wild Rift in Patch 3.4

Although many players will have more than enough with the news in the form of champions and objects, There are other very interesting changes that reach League of Legends: Wild Rift on the occasion of the next patch.


In addition to the beginning of a new season that will have as a reward a skin called Draven crimson glorious , Riot Games has made changes in the legendary tail. From the next patch, we can only use champions with which we have a lot of experience.

Wild pass

The truth is that Riot Games has made great changes in this section.

  • The maximum number of levels increases from 51 to 75.
  • The rewards can be unlocked in the desired order.
  • There will be simple and repeatable missions in a limited amount that will allow us to get experience, so that we advance more by playing.
  • For the elite pass, there will be more seasonal missions that will allow us to obtain rewards.
  • The elite pass will include a random aspect at level one, being able to choose what position we prefer to be the Skin.
  • Jayce Superhero will be the new exclusive Skin.


Riot Games has announced new events of Welcome to Yone and Vex . In addition, there will be a celebration called supreme cells whose operation has not been revealed. However, the most interesting thing is that League of Legends: Wild Rift will have a second anniversary event for which free rewards have been announced.

Additionally, Riot Games has announced the arrival of a duel mode , which will allow us to dispute games against one in the abyss of the regrets. It has not yet been revealed if the game mode will be linked to an event.

new skins

Throughout patch 3.4 they will be included…

  • Gwen Space Wave
  • Vex haunted
  • Haunted morgan
  • Miss Fortune haunted
  • Kennen Martial Arts Tournament
  • Sett Martial Arts Tournament
  • Zed Martial Arts Tournament
  • Glorious crimson draven
  • Jayce Superhero (and its promoted version)
  • Warwick Ancient God
  • Yone Crystal Rose

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