Quedic cannot be played in Hogwarts Legacy. The sky can fly with a broom

In Hogwarts Legacy , it seems that you can’t play that sport that is familiar with Harry Potter. Overseas media Upcomer reports.

Hogwarts Legacy is an open world action RPG based on the Harry Potter series. The development will be in charge of AVALANCHE Software, who produced a number of Disney-related games. In Hogwarts Legacy, a 19th-century Hogwarts Magical School, a time axis before novels and movies, is drawn.

In this work, you can enjoy school life in Hogwarts. Entered Hogwarts as a transfer student from the fifth grade. He belongs to one of the four dormitories, goes to classes, does extracurricular activities, and deepens interaction with other students. Between classes and classes, you can also explore Hogwarts’ castle. Around Hogwarts, various adventure opportunities are waiting, and the magic techniques learned at school are tested.

In the suburbs, there are also wizard villages, and it seems that there are stories and missions for merchants and residents living there. It is a work that can fully enjoy the world of Harry Potter, such as enhancing spells, confronting enemies, and involvement with students and teachers.

However, Quidic cannot be played in this work. Quidic is a sport where two teams composed of seven wizards compete. In the game, three types of balls are used. There is also a position for each ball, there is a role in aiming for the ball as a goal, and a role in chasing the ball that flies autonomously.

Quidic, which is said to be equivalent to football in the world of Magles (humans), is an important sport in school life. In the original and movies, the game was drawn many times. However, unfortunately, this quidic does not appear as a playable element in Hogwarts Legacy. The common question page on the official website has been quietly updated, and it has been reported that Quidic cannot play.

Q & A, which tells you that Quidich cannot play, seems to be a recent additional item because it cannot be confirmed as of August 25. It seems that it has been added quietly without notice of the official Twitter account. According to this page, it is possible to fly in the sky with a broom while not being able to play Quidich in this work. The broom not only appears as a means of transportation of this work, but will also be prepared as a challenge for Broom Flight for Traversal and Broom Race. Although quidic is not fun, it seems that a lace mini game will appear as a sporting element using brooms. As mentioned earlier, Quidic has three types of balls and various positions, so the game development is complicated compared to real sports. It may have been difficult to record it as a playable element.

The latest video has been released on September 2 on the official YouTube channel of this work. In the video, the four dormitories, Griffindor, Slylin, Huffle Puff, and Raibuncun, are introduced. At the entrance of each dormitory, various tricks seem to be applied. It seems that these original reproduction, including the original reproduction, is attracting users. It’s a pity that you can’t play Quidic, but your expectations in Hogwarts are high. I look forward to the school life in Hogwarts, which is drawn richly.

Hogwarts Legacy will be released on February 10 local time for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. WB GAMES is currently developing in Japan in partnership with Sega and will be released in Japan on the same day. The release date of the Nintendo Switch version will be announced at a later date.

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