Like Regirock, Regice, Registeel and Regieleki work in Pokemon Unite

The Theia Sky Ruins card in Pokemon Unite is very different from the Remoat Stadium arena. In addition to the map of the card, Teya also adds different Pokemon, places for shelter and changes the mechanics when winning pokemon-bosses in different areas. Regirock, Registeel and Regirock replace Duraludon on the map of the Remoat stadium, and Regieleki replaces Rotom. Each of them also has different effects, which gives more incentives for obtaining them first. This is how all regions work in Pokemon Unite.

How Pokemon Bosses work in Theia Sky Ruins in Pokemon Unite

There are five Pokemon Boss in the Pokemon Unite, which players can win to get both spheres of EOS as well as XP on the map of the heavenly ruins of Teyi. Three Bosses are in rotation and appear in Nizhny Lane sharing the spavna timer with not married boss in Home . The final boss will always appear when there is a couple of minutes . Reycvaz will create wind streams around the map, so that it is easier to get to the targets, increasing the speed of counting glasses. The team that defeated Rakevaz also receives a shield that will not allow other players to interrupt their counting points for a short period of time.


Awards for the boss-poemon work only for the team that wins it, which means that only the last blow will be taken into account for the team that receives buffs and experience. Theft These buffs in the last second by finishing pokemon bosses is a strategy that will be used in many matches and does not require participation in a team battle. A speedster are especially effective in this, but Pokemon such as Dragonait can do this very well. Players, as a rule, want to go together to kill the boss, but the theft of the last blow can be even more effective.

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How Region works in Pokemon Unite

There are four registers on the Theia Sky Ruins map from Pokemon Unite. Region sits in Home so far regirk , register and also Regina each of them may appear in turn in Nizhny lane . All four bosses appear when the timer reaches seven minutes and will revive for three minutes after the defeat. Bosses on the lower strip will alternate with each other. by chance And each gives different positive effects to the team that wins them. The effects of each reg:

Region *-moves to the gates of the opposite team after the defeat, so that players can instantly score a goal if it reaches them.
Regiric -XP and 90-second Buff of Protection and Special Protection to the team that defeats it.
Register -rewards the XP and the 90-second buff of the attack and a special attack to the team that defeats it.
* Regina -XP and 90-second Buff of the HP regeneration to the team that defeats him.

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