One & Only! LCK Rolled Cup Round 1 Review

The 2022 Rolled Cup selection began.

The first match is the game of Damwon Kia and Live Sandbox, and the winner wins the three-seed who goes straight to the Rolled Cup finals, and the defeated team is the winner of the KT Rollster and the DRX match on the 2nd day (2 days). You’ll get 4 seeds to advance to the Rolled Cup play in the qualifiers.

The results of the match were the last seat of Damwon Kia’s strength, acquiring 3 seeds and going straight to the Rolled Cup final stage. Live Sandbox is preparing for the final game of the Rolled Cup on the 3rd. However, there were a lot of things to point out to go over. Before the 2 and 3 days, we will review the match between Damwon Kia and Live Sandbox. / AMITIS, editing = Bissey game reporter Kim Seung-ju

This content was produced in collaboration between dispatch games and office paper.

The champion width that was so important

The selection was played in 12.14. It’s the same version of the patch applied to the 2022 LCK Summer Playoffs. Therefore, the playoff data can be seen as a very significant data that can be used in the selection.

The final data is especially important. Even in the same version, the tier keeps depending on the direction and the results. That’s why the quality of the final data that reflects the latest trends is better. Let’s take a look at the final data.

This is the final match of the final. The first thing to note is Sejuana. Zenji consists of Jerry, Azir, and Lulu in Phase 1 to complete the bottom combination and bring Sejuan as the first champion of Phase 2. There are two main meanings that I brought in Sejuan, the first is that the champion itself is high, and the second is that position psychological warfare is possible.

In particular, the second feature is to significantly reduce the burden on the top line, which is a big line of lines. First of all, even if I chose Seju-no, I was a champion that both ‘Doran’ Choi Hyun-joon and ‘Peanut’ Han Wang-ho could be used.

This strategy was influenced by this selection. In the first set of Damwon Kia and Live Sandbox, Damwon Kia brings Sejuan as the first pick of the Blue camp. For the Rib Sandbox, considering the style of the ‘raccoon’ Jang-gu in the regular season, there was a chance that Sejuan would be used at the top.

However, for Damwon Kia, if you take it to the tanker and tanker matchups considering ‘Dove’ Kim Jae-yeon’s champion pool and line battle, the Live Sandbox could laugh more.

In addition, Atrox’s tier was not simply a champion with strategic value because it was getting higher throughout the playoffs. In the end, the Live Sandbox had no choice but to form a Banpic that did not take advantage of the Red camp’s counter strength. In this way, it is an easy-to-attack weakness to know what champions the opponent will choose in the multi-jeon.

Dragon value and durability that emphasizes again

From the previous article, I emphasized that if I try an object as the customs before the change and the durability patch, I will get irreversible results. A similar scene was prepared in this selection.

In the process of preparing for the fourth dragon in the second set game, the Live Sandbox, which has a lot of land and flames, is preparing for the fourth dragon.

‘Canyon’ Kim Gun-joo first asks Renata and attempts a strategy to get out of Renata and have a camp through allies’ response. However, Renata was harder than he thought, and ‘Kael’ Kim Jin-hong is very different from the picture that Damwon Kia expected as it was used before the stop order of Bai’s ‘Health Order’. Live Sandbox, who won this hit, takes care of the third dragon.

Rib Sandbox is now harder to enjoy all the effects of three elements. For this reason, Damwon Kia is likely to expect good results by asking a weak champion. Later, Damwon Kia attempted to spill out to cut and eat the rib sandbox that comes to take control of the vision at Baron Timing.


However, as the Truns of ‘Croko’ Kim Dong-bum enters the lurking Vai, who has already exposed the position, Damwon Kia invests everything in the trundles. Forgetting the ‘even harder’ mentioned earlier.

Eventually, the truns of ‘Croko’ Kim Dong-bum came out slowly, and Damwon Kia, who invested everything, had no choice but to give Baron. Since then, the Tower Gold has followed a little damage, but the Baron buff has no gain and the dragon stack that has already been lost.

Object judgments in the changed canyon must be more sophisticated. There was also a good scene related to this. How to operate the gain. Just cutting one person in the war doesn’t mean you don’t touch the living object right away, but you use this gain to improve the object engagement environment. For example, there are ways to hold your sight and manage the opposite of the object.

Three sets of Damwon Kia will take the lead in the field of view near the Dragon Nest by asking the truns of ‘Croko’ Kim Dong-bum. However, Trends came out and escaped, and the Atrox of ‘Dove’ Kim Jae-yeon, who was deeply lurked in a teleport for fighting, gave a dragon river vision.

At this time, the second messenger was alive and waiting. But when Damwon Kia ended, the location and situation were ambiguous to roll with objects.

Damwon Kia manages the bottom line after taking control of the vision, and selects the operation to take a seat for the dragon who appears a little. As a result, Damwon Kia, who had lost his view, made the Rib Sandbox, which was obvious that he would fall into crisis if he gave the third dragon. Once again, he succeeds in acquiring the third dragon by killing Atrox.

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