All Mokoko Seed locations on the territory of Kandaria in Lost Ark

In Lost ARK, Semyon Mokoko is one of the most common collection items that you can find. They can be found in almost every area of the game. When they are found, they become dark green, but shine even brighter when you interact with them. Some of them are really easy to find, while others are a little more complicated and require preliminary fulfillment of various preliminary conditions. There is 13 Mokoko seeds that need to be sought and collected Candarian territory within South Verne .

To gain access to the South Vern continent, you need to reach level 3 and have an object level of at least 1340. All Mokoko seed locations are shown below and are circled in red.


Где найти все семена мококо на территории Кандарии в Lost Ark

Most of the seeds you find on this map are very easy to get. For some of them, you will need to learn the song Anthem of the Sun in advance. You will also need the level of wisdom and level of charisma 350 for some seeds.

After you collect all thirteen of these seeds, you will be much closer to the end of your collection of more than 1200 seeds. Make sure you will receive awards for overcoming Mokoko seeds the next time you visit the village of Mokoko on the Continent Tortok.

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