How to go through the Callop test in King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2

The King of the Obsessors returned, and he intends to show the law enforcement officers of the world, why he still needs to be afraid. The raid the king’s fall returned shortly after the release of the 18th season in Destiny 2. The old test set appeared with him again. Here’s how to cope with the call of the Callop.


What is the Testing Callot in King’s Fall RAID?

There are two proven strategies for the testing of Callop, but we will choose easier. This is called strategy of one sphere . One guard will grab a look and jump into the puddle of restored light, inflict damage to the helm, and then jump out. The next member of the combat group will take a look before the first timer expires, and so on until all six members of the combat group do it once. This completes the cycle. From there, clean the next wave of enemies and repeat the process.

In order for the guard to attract the attention of the Callor, he needs to shoot in a large yellow bag on the back of the Callor. Having received the view of the creature, the guard must shoot at venom balls released by the Calgrot. If one of these balls strokes the guard, he will become poisoned. A well-coordinated combat group can double the number of spheres in the game, but keep in mind that everything can become quite difficult in the pool. We advised the strategy with one sphere at the first care of the second circle.

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