‘Fal of P’, the first Korean console game, the most anticipated PS game award,

-‘Game Comes Awards’ award-winning work, and also on two candidates in front of the presentation

-In telling the game pass in the Gamecom ‘Opening Night Live’

-The new trailer video with a boss monster is also released

Neowiz said today (24th) was selected as the most anticipated PS game at Gamescom Awards 2022.

On the 23rd (Germany local time), he announced the winner of the platform category during the GameSom Awards at the opening night live of the world’s three game shows, Gamescom 2022. False of P won the most anticipated PS game.

This is the first time that the Korean console game has been selected as a winner in Game Scom. False of P competed with the final candidate with One Piece Odyssey and The Dark Pictures The Devil Me. The winner of this category is Eldenling.

The Gamescom Awards is a winning event in 20 categories by Gamescom’s platform and genre. The False of P is expected to win an additional award for the best action adventure game, the best role-playing game candidate, which will be announced on the 27th.

False of P released a new trailer video at the event and announced Microsoft’s entry into the Xbox Game Pass. In the video, various boss monsters and new monsters show action using various weapons and skills. In particular, you can also check the delicate action motion that changes according to the weapon you use.

An official of Xbox Partnership said, I am very happy to be able to release the false of P with a unique worldview to the game pass subscribers.

False of P, which has emerged as a global anticipation since the first in-game video released in November, is a Soul Lake single-play action RPG that shows an in-depth and tense battle. The classic Pinocchio is adapted to adult cruelty, showing its own worldview.

It is being developed as a console and PC platform with the goal of launching in 2023. This year, you will be able to play a two-hour demo version of the game as a single booth this year, and you can play directly at Neowiz booths and Xbox booths.


Choi Ji-won, who is in charge of False of P. We will successfully challenge the global market with the personality and game of .

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