Craepon, the first unveiled by the new Moonbreaker Game Scom

-Digital Miniature Board Game produced by developers of the Subnotica series

-The Simultaneous launch of the world on September 30th with Steam Early Access

Unnun Walls, an independent studio in Craftton, on the 23rd (local time), on the 23rd (local time), the world’s three game shows ‘Games 2022’ of the world’s three game shows ‘Opening Night Live’ for the first time in the world’s first trailer video in the world for the first time in the world. It was released.

Moonbreaker is a turn-based strategy table top simulation game known as Project M. It was developed by Unknown Walls, an American game studio, famous for its submarine exploration adventure game Subnotica series. It is a game that combines more than 50 different units and powerful battleship support skills, and wins the battle with the opponent’s troops with strategic judgment every turn.

The real miniature game is digitally implemented to help you feel the emotion of the analog board game, and you can enjoy the fun of seeing the Neutro-style artwork in the 80’s and 90’s. Turn-based combat and various game contents that you can easily learn can play with board game enthusiasts as well as those who are not familiar with board games.

In particular, Moonbreaker allows players to show off their tastes through in-depth customization systems. You can paint miniatures with various painting tools including brushes and sprays to create your own unit. You can collect various decorations to decorate miniatures and add units effects, and you will be able to use more customized customization by using limited edition decorations that will be provided as a reward every season.

The story of Moonbreaker is based on the Cyphai worldview written by the New York Times best-selling writer Brandon Sanderson. The player meets the story of Moonbreaker in a distant universe of rare space resources, Cinder. Unnewal Walls will release audio dramas sequentially so that players can be more deeply immersed in the worldview and character of Moonbreakers.

Moonbreaker will be released worldwide on September 30th on the global game distribution platform Steam, and will be launched around the world at the same time. In order to commemorate the first release of Moonbreaker, you can register Craepon ID by September to launch early access and get a dark concept painting preset of the game unit ‘Crank Bate’.

Unnewal Walls will set up a booth at the Entertainment Hall and welcome visitors during the Gamescom 2022, which runs from 24 to 28. Visitors can play the demo version of Moonbreaker on the spot during the Gamescom period.

Charlie Cleveland, CEO of Unknown Walls, said, The goal is to lower the barriers to entry of table top board games through Moonbreaker and make gamers around the world to feel the true fun of miniature games. Breaker> is very honored to release.

Lim Woo-yeol, head of the craft tone publishing group, said, Moonbreaker is a game that makes it easy to enjoy the deep fun of the traditional table top board game on the PC. I hope you have a different fun.

We are very pleased to showcase new genres, and we will spare no full support to provide high-end games, starting with early access.

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