Sony PS VR2 decided in early 2023

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced today that it has decided on the release date of the PS5 VR HMD ‘PS VR2’, which is being developed on Twitter, in early 2023. However, Sony did not disclose the detailed release date. Other details are expected to be released later.

‘PS VR2’ is a subsequent VR HMD connecting PS VR, which is characterized by not only hardware performance but also in terms of software. In particular, the resolution, which is one of the most important factors in VR HMD, uses the RGB OLED panel, but it is a little low at 960 x 1080 per eye, so ‘PS VR2’ is 4 times higher resolution unlike PS VR, which was sometimes felt mosquito net phenomenon. Proud. It is actually blocking the mosquito net with 2000 x 2040 per eye.

This is not the only development in terms of hardware. The 110-degree viewing angle, the balanced frenell lens, and the IPD dial are applied to easily adjust the focus. The haptic feedback, which has been immersive by providing advanced vibrations in various environments in the game, further the immersion of VR by providing the character’s pulse, the movement of objects passing by the head, and the vibration of the vehicle running around the head. It will be pulled up.

In terms of software, the eye tracking function is added, so it not only follows the player’s eyes naturally when aims or exploring, but also combines high-end forbeated rendering technology to automatically adjust the resolution of the part where the player focuses, which greatly improves visual experience. It seems to be. In addition, four cameras built into the headset are assisted with more natural movements by tracking the user and controller.

In addition, the see-through view function that allows you to see the surroundings through the external camera while wearing ‘PS VR2’, the broadcasting function to shoot VR contents with a PS5 HD camera, and more advanced custom play areas It is possible to enjoy VR content.

Meanwhile, the title of ‘PS VR2’ is ‘Horizon VR Call of Mountain’, which will also support the latest VR games.

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