In love for agriculture, adventure! Life Sim RPG SPIRIT OF THE ISLAND Aiming for popular tourist destinations [Special repo]

GAME*SPARK’s freshly picked-up Steam indie games.

Among them, many people want to know the content of this game, and think so. Therefore, it is this project ** freshly squeezed! I would like to deliver the actual content clearly. If you want to see the rich playpo, don’t forget the explosive speed play repo.

This time, the life simulation RPG SPIRIT THE ISLAND is attractive for Relaxing Life Life, Construction of Tourism Spots for Service, and RPG elements that are fun to do.

What is Spirit of the Island?

This work is a life simulation RPG set in a tropical archipelago. According to the official website, it is based on games such as Stardew Valley, Zelda’s Legend, and MOONLIGHTER, and the game system is reminiscent of the Animal Crossing series. increase.

Players pioneered the island, which was once crowded as a tourist destination. We will open up the land, cultivate fields, grow animals, gather resources, and build shops and museums to recall tourists again.


In addition, players can explore not only the islands of the pioneer, but also the unique islands in the vicinity. Various adventures are waiting for players, such as harvesting things in the islands of the island, searching for treasures by relying on treasure maps, fighting pirates and creatures, and various adventures. Let’s introduce the attractive points of this work!

Story Points Part 1! Life of a relaxed tropical group

The stage is the tropical island . In this work, you can visit not only one island but also various islands to collect and adventure.

The protagonist, who has traveled to the ocean for an adult ritual with one boat, is enthusiastic and wrinkled and arrives on an uninhabited island. It is an island that flourished as a former tourist destination. The goal is to pioneer this island, gather tourists again, and regain vitality.

Anyway, when you like what you like is the real pleasure of life simulation. There is no deadline for reconstruction or detailed restrictions on this work. The year consists of a total of four months, one 30 days a month, and there is a transition of the spring, summer, autumn and winter season.

It is also good to cultivate the field, grow animals, and enjoy self-sufficient life by reconstruction. It is good to go to the next island town, interact with the residents, and develop into a romantic relationship. You can buy a ship, explore the nearby islands, and adventure a cave or a submerged forest. Each player has many ways to play.

Story Points Part 2! Construction of our own tourist destination

This work is not only an adventure over the islands, but also the craft and construction elements. At first, a small house where cardboard and garbage scatter can be upgraded by paying money. Because it is a prepaid ceremony, there is no need to worry about carrying debt.

Uninhabited islands, which are pioneered as sightseeing spots, can be built on roads, town heads, and unmanned shops. You can easily move the vegetation and rocks that grow from the beginning, and create your own dream sightseeing spots. Also, as the reconstruction progresses, tourists come to play, and if they like the island, they will stay and the population of the town will increase.

Story Points Part 3! RPG element that is fun to do

If you say a slow life, you can enjoy it longer and enjoy it. RPG is a genre that goes well with such works. DINKUM, which was introduced in STARDEW VALLEY and the special repo of the other day, has also been successfully combined with the combination of slow life and RPG, and this work also imitates such predecessors, and the level of battle, adventure, and various actions. The skill element that rises is implemented.

There are 10 skills in agriculture, mining, collection, cooking, fishing, battle, interaction, etc. At the skill level, various actions increase experience, and as the level rises, new recipes and various benefits occur. Almost all actions will increase the level and release hundreds of recipes will be released, so it is one of the charms of this work that you can enjoy it for a long time.

I think it is important how long you can enjoy Life Sim, but Spirit of the Island is hard to do with adventure, battle, architecture, interaction, etc.

However, it is also true that there are some drawbacks and bugs. In addition, the content is very good, but because it lacks its uniqueness, it may feel unsatisfactory compared to works of the same genre. The developers know the points, and the updates will continue frequently after the official release, and more content will be added in the future. Currently, Japanese is not implemented, but it has been revealed that there is a Japanese implementation , and you can expect future implementation.

Although we could not introduce this time, it is also compatible with ** two people online cooperation play, and all functions including quests can be experienced with friends. There is also a function called resource sharing that allows you to bring the resources you find into your multiplayer campaign. If you are worried about this work, why not invite your friends and enjoy the pioneering life together?

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