Live a live on Nintendo Switch, a beautiful remake !!!

**-Developed by: Square Enix Co., Ltd. Historia Inc.
Release date: July 22, 2022, (Original: 1994 on SNES)
**-Type of game: RPG
-Platform: Nintendo Switch
-Languages: English
-Subtitle: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
-Number of players: 1
Average price observed: 64.99 $ ca
-Publisher: Square Enix

Live A Live offers to embody eight distinct protagonists during so many chapters taking place in different eras. What will happen once you have reached the conclusion of each of these stories?

An effective gameplay:

**** The game takes up the classic bases of the turn-based battles that made the success of the RPGs of the 90s. During the fights you move the characters on different boxes in order to choose the most effective, but be careful if you are not going Not quickly enough the enemy can attack you. So you will have to think quickly.

With each character, his attacks, whose power varies according to the level of the character but also of his equipment.

Objectives not always clear:

At the start of the game we are a little lost, even if symbols tell us where to go, we do not always understand why we have to go there or there. But that fades by advancing in the game.

A well-established artistic direction:

The game graphics are HD-2D with a hint of 3D, a recipe well mastered by Square-enix because used on games such as Octopath Traveler or Triangle. 3D allows us to have some rather nice camera effects.

Each of the chapters offer us colorful sets in line with the different eras of the game: prehistory, imperial China, Far West, Japan era, Middle Ages, Present, Future more or less distant,…

Marty where did we parked Doloreane?

Sorry I get lost. Let’s talk about music, they are just magnificent and really stick to each of the eras visited.

What more can be said?

This game is magnificent, and takes us to the various concerns without worry. Each chapter is well written, but unfortunately a little short there are about 2 hours of play by eras see 3 if you take the time to appreciate the game. Special concept in the chapter of the present which is the worst era in terms of narration.

The difficulty levels of the different fights are quite uneven. Personally I love the humor quite present in the game, but some jokes that could be nice in 1994 are perhaps more news in 2022.

In conclusion:

Live A Live is a game aimed at all RPG fans, the youngest and the oldest. With a short but engaging story, an enchanting universe, with bewitching music, this game has everything to please.

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