Lol: The Kings does not know defeat and remains undefeated in the North Regional

The second date of clashes in the Regional Norte begins after seeing great duels on the first day the teams are already known and now it will be to see in a different way I find them, with a Mexican team dominating with two victories we will see if You can maintain your marker of free defeats or if the Caribbean team manages to take the tip of the table.

The first duel puts Saprissa against Braves Rising to turn on the fire taking a sivir in the hands of Renyu that would take the initiative in the lower part of the stage managing to punish the braves to obtain gold that would turn into objects that destroy The life of the rivals, the Caribbean team maintained the composure and with an important advantage managed to close the game in their favor.

For the second meeting I neglected The Kings with a Mataz who had slept well and wanted to show the power of his Wukong with which he managed to do destruction in the different lanes to support his teammates with what He would take a step forward to the kings in the contest that gradually managed to finish the match to stay undefeated.

The third contest Disgusty Fight with Braves Rising where we see a surprise selection of Samira in the hands of Dya that became aggressive from the first minutes to send based on Ecuadorians, the duo of the lower lane of Colombia he managed to climb quickly in the match to tilted the map in his favor to end a victory on his scoreboard.

Continuing with the last game of the day The Kings is measured against Saprissa starting with a domain of the Caribbean team side with the force of Renyu that took a jinx to have an impact on the crack, things painted better for the league team of the elements but a small stumbling Close with your fourth victory.


The second day of the regional tournament ends making it clear that you cannot make the slightest mistake because they can turn the game, the contest leaves the Mexican king as the dominant in the table and managing to ensure its advance to the grand final, now now It is decided who will be the second team that reaches the last phase having the possibility that any of them can have that place, now there is only one date where everything can happen.

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