Creator of Hunter X Hunter presents worrying health update

A couple of months ago Hunter X Hunter fans had quite hopeful news, since their creator, Yoshihiro Togashi , commented that he has returned to work in the famous manga. He has even given constant updates through Twitter, but now, it seems that there would be another pause due to issues related to his health.

In social networks, the artist generated conversation when he published a brief update on Chapter 399. It was there that he said that his physical condition was still bad and that he had recently taken some time to concentrate on his current health.

My symptoms did not improve and I spent much time in treatment and recovery. No 399… creating a specific background effect.


Even with all these problems, Yoshihiro Togashi has advanced somewhat constant in Hunter x Hunter , it is not so hurried, but the effort and effort are noted to be able to specify his story. This creation has been having constant breaks due to mangaka health, but fans are glad to have constant updates.

Fortunately, nothing of a new hiatus for the project has not yet been mentioned, since the author’s attendees are facilitating the strokes that could be complicated most. In addition, he already has within his mind the plot to continue, so they can emulate his line to continue advancing with the story of Gon FreeCSS and Killua ZOLDYCK .

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