How to unlock a knob in the Two Point campus?

One of the most recognizable images of Two Point Campus during its development was Noblestead, or a school of knights. It was one of the most anticipated campuses, and many could not wait to get it into their own hands. So, how exactly do you unlock NOBLESTEAD in the Two Point campus?

How to unlock the castle and the knightly campus on Two Point Campus

Knoblsted is the fourth general campus in the Two Point campus. To unlock it, you need to gain at least one star level at the University of Mitton. This means performing the following actions:

  • Raise your level of campus to 12

  • Have 10 pupils-robots of the 6th level
  • Complete two research projects
  • Build a robot


Having completed these tasks, you will open a knobel along with a course of Internet history, a computer class and a book club stand. You will also receive $ 10,000 and 100 kudosh.

After you open the noblsted, you can play it from the main card. Knoblsted is a temperature campus that presents several new functions, including invaders, a medical office and many decorative objects.

Noblasted himself has several discoveries, including the Campus of the Spyffinmur and Fluffboro. The completion of NOBLESTEAD with one star level will also open the Nature Club stand and topiary objects.

Additional manuals and information on Two Point Campus see how to update items on Two Point Campus in Pro Games.

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