Pharmacies implement change in 2022: redeem recipes becomes easier

From September 1st there will be a change in pharmacies in Germany that affects prescription medicines. It should bring relief.

Germany-Almost everyone has to take their way into the pharmacy sooner or later. The Germans spend around 500 euros per capita every year for medicines. Every year there are around 500 million prescriptions in Germany-a true paper mountain. From September 1st, the e-ticket should remedy the situation. In the future, there will be another digital solution in the health sector in addition to the digital sick leave.


From September 1st there will be a new e-ticket for recipes in the pharmacies

If the piece of paper is too much, the introduction of the e-ticket in pharmacies will probably be located. Because the doctor’s pink recipes are replaced against QR codes on the cell phone or the electronic health card. The apps for the so-called e-recipe are even available for download in the app stores.

Before that, it was up to the pharmacies whether they accepted the e-ticket. From September, however, all pharmacies in Germany are obliged to do so. For doctors, parking the e-tickets is initially not mandatory. From 2023, the digital concept is expected to be binding in practices and clinics. But how does the e-ticket work?

With the e-ticket, picking up medication in the pharmacy digital

The Federal Ministry of Health reveals how to use the different variants of the e-ticket in the pharmacy. There are three different ways to use the new digital concept. There is:

To use the E-Ticket app, you have to download it first. Then the registration in the E-Ticket app runs via your own health insurance code. You also need a health insurance card with a so-called NFC function.

If you do not know the PIN of the insurance card, you can simply check in the insurance company. If all of this worked, the doctor will no longer refer the required recipe analogously, but in the form of a code that is then stored in the app.

recipes in the pharmacy: pickup will continue to be exposed from September

If you do not have a smartphone or have not yet been registered in the app, a paper printout with the recipe code is presented in practice. Alternatively, the code transmission should also work via the electronic insurance card if the app is not used.

It looks a little different for privately insured persons. Here, a concept is to be worked out first that should run user-friendly for the preliminary work in the pharmacy.

The concept of the E-Ticket app should offer advantages for patients in pharmacies

According to the Federal Ministry of Health, the e-ticket app as a digital concept has several advantages that are also supported by consumer protection. For example, there should be a function in the app to save information on medication. Thus, the pharmacists have a possible overview of which medicines are compatible for the patients and which are not.

The new digital concept also offers a decisive advantage when it comes to follow-up recipes. A call may be sufficient in the future to save yourself the walk to practice. The recipe code can simply be sent to the app if the treating practice knows the history of the disease.

In relation to the pharmacies, the app is a plus that can be asked digitally about the availability of medication. The patient can then find out from home in which pharmacy the medicine is best picked up. An order via the bot service is also possible, so that the medication can even be delivered directly to the front door.

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