Nexon, Mabinogi 2nd Summer Update Next Arcana

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced on the 12th that it has launched the second summer update ‘Next Arcana’ in the online game Mabinogi.

The second update of Mabinogi’s secondary update appears a new talent, Arcana, which is upgraded to Millesian, who wants to grow, more than that.

‘Arcana’ is a form of hidden talent, and this time, the supporter ‘St. Bard’, which adds music talent from the blessing talent, has been added.

Arcana’s guide quest is given to Millesian, who has achieved more than 10,000 cumulative levels and one grandmaster, and can proceed with the Arcana Talent Acquisition Quest through the Arcana Association’s Office on the second floor of Rach Wangseong. have.

‘Arcana’ talent can grow through character leveling, and it is also possible to open the Arcana Link, which can achieve strong bonus effects by talent when reaching a certain level.

At the same time, Nexon will hold a Arcana Talent event, which will present KakaoTalk emoticons on a first-come, first-served basis to Millesian, who achieved a cumulative 20,000 level in commemoration of the ‘NEXT Arcana’ update.

In addition, until August 31st, the official website ‘Millesian TV’ will be posted on the theme of talent or growth according to the subject of talent or growth, or ‘Nexon Cash’ is presented by selecting Millesian, who showed active activities in the ‘Knowledge King Board’. TV ON for beginners and ‘Knowledge King is me’ event will also be held.

Meanwhile, Nexon celebrated the 77th anniversary of Liberation Day. You can meet ‘Erin’, which has been embroidered with Taegeukgi until August 15. If you complete the national flag by matching the 4 rules (Gonggon Supervision) puzzles in the inventory, you can get up to 7,700%of exploration experience.

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