The Era of Altea is a list of the best character traits

Era of Althea is an excellent fantasy role-playing game for Roblox, in which you have the potential to become a powerful wizard. You begin your journey with all random features, races and functions and must train to develop your skills, perform quests to earn money, and fight with evil on the map. If you are not satisfied with any attributes you have chosen, you can always transfer them to get the chance to get others. Which of them should you look for? Take a look at our level list to find out what we consider to be the best and worst features in the era of Altea.

What is the best feature in Era of Althea?

The best feature in the game is currently elven blood . Why? Because the Elven Blood feature gives a significant increase in mana, which will make the use of magic more controlled and more powerful. Since this game rotates around magic, there is no doubt that this line is one step ahead of the rest, providing its user with more magical abilities.

Best List of Damn Levels for Era of Althea

All features have various bonuses and increased statistics, and all of them can be useful in different aspects of the game. However, some features, such as elven blood and a wizard of the blade, allow the players to succeed in battle and easily defeat enemies, which makes them a little more valuable than others, and that is why they deserve a place in the S-level. Do not worry! Even if you fail to immediately get one of the best features, you can continue attempts to transfer the one you want.

What do traits do in Era of Althea?

The features in the Era of Althea give players various amplifiers and bonus characteristics during the game-or if they are worn with Traitless, will not have any significant amplification. They can strengthen players in battle or improve in craft, allowing them to succeed in a certain area. You can find your line in the statistics menu by clicking m and throw them by clicking on the button of the dollar with arrows in the circle icon.

elven blood *: A significant increase in mana
Master of the blade: 2x skill of weapons and increased damage
alchemist: Use potions faster
Sustainable: * doubles the lock time
Game addict: 1.5-fold experience of experience
Smith: 10% Increasing the chance of success in blacksmithing

All features can be useful during your trip to the era of Altea, whether you want to protect yourself better, increase the level faster or apply more damage. Even if you fail to immediately get one of the features of the S-Ural, you can continue to grind and transfer to collect it as soon as possible!

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