Intel accelerates network innovation through interoperable open technology

Intel announced on the 5th that it participated in the Global Plugfest Spring 2022 and revealed its virtualized wireless access network capabilities with industry partners. As the wireless telecommunications industry pursues technology beyond traditional wireless access networks (RAN) that utilizes dedicated hardware, many mobile operators are gradually introducing virtualized wireless access networks (VRAN) and universal hardware-based open ecosystems. This provides flexibility, scalability and operational efficiency, develops the potential of 5G networks, and develops into a 6G network, achieving greater innovation.

As these trends persist, the movement for the Openran collaboration is accelerating. The industry’s integration has recently been introduced at the Global Flypest Spring 2022, where more than 50 companies and institutions participated in the O-RAN Alliance virtual demo and three continents around the world. The event was able to confirm the integration of multibold network functions and compliance with O-RAN standards.

Intel is a Flyerpest participating company and an O-RAN Alliance participant, and has experimented with O-RAN-based innovation technology with various industry partners. Partner companies have shared new use cases that can generate profits and reduce operating costs based on intelligent RAN architecture innovation compatible with open RAN.

The results of the major technological innovation experiments are as follows.

Up to 12% Energy Saving: Intel, Vodafone, Wind River, Keysight Technology, and Radisys are open in the infrastructure installed in the Utah University Mobile Network Research Institute. It has successfully demonstrated the saving energy consumption of the infrastructure. As a result of measuring the actual traffic scenario, 9% and 12% power savings were confirmed in the high or low version scenario with high mobile traffic.

RAN Slice Guarantee: Network slicing plays an important role in providing innovative new services and maximizing network investment profits. The RAN Slice Guarantee technology allows you to provide a service level contract (SLA), that is, 5G services that guarantee performance and quality levels. The following results were made using the 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® processor.

Intel and VMware experimented with a dynamic RAN slice resource allocation for SLA warranty on the open cloud platform supported by the VMware Telco Cloud Platform (TCP). This proved that it can support multiple cells and virtual distributed devices (VDUs). VMware real-time RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) used VMware XApp, which is hosted by VMware, was conducted. RIC uses the O-RAN standard interface to dynamically allocate cell resources and meet the end user SLA. The operator can provide differentiated services based on slicing through the SLA warranty on a local mobile network.

Intel is an artificial intelligence/machine learning-based network slice on the O-Ran intelligent controller integrated with the open and virtual RAN based on the Intel® Flex Lan ™ reference software, including the artificial intelligence/machine learning-based scheduler. The NSRM XApp SLA was guaranteed. This suggests the possibility of providing a profit-generating business model for telecommunications operators with optimal wireless resources.

The opportunity to include several industries, such as Flef Fest, shows the value of collaboration for open eco-systems and software definition networks, said Cristina Rodriguez, Intel’s wireless access networking division. We are trying to promote technology innovation and intelligence throughout the RAN environment, including the LAN network, and to support the operator to achieve all business and efficiency of RAN virtualization.

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