Digimon Survive Dokugmon Boss Guide

The first boss in any game is either incredibly easy or obviously difficult to win, but if you know enough about the boss and the battle that you get involved in, then any boss is just as simple, just two three. Dokugmon is the first main boss that you will encounter in Digimon Survive, and in this leadership we will tell you in detail about how easy it is to defeat Dokugmon in Digimon Survive.

where to find Boss Dokugmon

Dokugmon is the first large boss that you will face Digimon Survive, and if you think that you can defeat it without a proper plan, you will find a difficult battle. Below we mentioned the best of possible strategies to defeat Dokugmon and ultimately make friends with him.

Since this battle takes place in the first part of the game, you will not have a large choice of which Digimon you will take. At the moment, you will only have Agumon and Labramon, which you can rely on, so make sure that you have worked enough in free battles.

How to win the boss Dokugmon in Digimon Survive

As soon as the battle begins, the main thing is what you need to concentrate on is the positioning of your digimons. You will faced a face with Dokugmon in a wide open arena with a large number of space. Dokugmon will not be alone, it will be accompanied by his minions.

Tiny spider minions can be small in size, but their attacks with a poisonous web can quickly change the course of the battle if they cannot be stopped. The best way to win in this battle is to first destroy all the minions, and then move to the chief boss-Dokugmon.


If you want to quickly and effectively destroy spiders minions without getting a lot of damage, crush them with number. Attack one minion with all your might to destroy it with one blow.

As soon as the minions take care, you can move to the main boss. Dokugmon receives the largest amount of damage to the side and behind, so make sure that you have placed at least one of your digimons, preferably Agumon, since this is a fiery type, and Dokugmon is weak against fire.

Continue to attack at a distance to get the minimum damage from his attacks. As soon as the boss’s health falls below 50%, he will launch a cost-ce scene in which Agumon will be reborn, and Dokugmon will create more minions.

Again, first destroy the minion, and then from that moment follow the same attack strategy at the front, side or from behind. Following this strategy will quickly put Dokugmon to bed forever.

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