Below is how Vantage is played, the new Elite LEGENDS ELITES DRAKER

_ Fille of an unjustly condemned minimal that has had no choice but to give birth to him alone on the frozen and desert lands on the world Págos, Vantage found out very early a basic fact: absolutely every little thing desires you to kill you. Before making a huge beginnings in Pinnacle Legends-Prédation, Vantage turned into a real expert in survival as well as remote fire, claimed the press release for those that have actually not seen the previous trailers dedicated to the personality, Xiomara counters with its real name.

Meant for observers and also functions, Vantage has a passive capacity called accuracy viewfinder which enables it to get tactical details on adversaries (name, distance, guard rarity, variety of staff member) while remaining at an excellent distance. His tactical capacity called winged redeployment contacts a jetpack which will promptly propel her towards Mirror, his winged buddy. The ultimate capacity called Snipeuse brand highlights the targets for 10 seconds for each effective shot, not to state that the damage brought upon rises after each effect.


Pinnacle Legends-Bande-Annonce of Vantage skills

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