How to go under water in GTA 5

Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V is a series of islands located in a fictional Pacific Ocean. Thus, this is only a matter of time when players are faced with some kind of reservoir. And in a probable scenario, when someone runs away from law enforcement agencies, the ability to dive under the water in GTA 5 is extremely useful for evasion of capture.

how to dive under water in Grand Theft Auto v


To dive under the water in the GTA 5, the players will need to press the R1 button (game console), RB (xbox) or gap (PC).

Once under water, control elements will be inverted, as in flight by plane. The top is the bottom and the bottom is the top. Your actions under water will be quite limited, but you can still attack during swimming. This will help to soften fatal accidents associated with sharks.

That’s all with regard to underwater swimming in the GTA 5. The same instructions are applicable to Grand Theft Auto Online, where many players go to spend time after passing the exciting campaign. So forward, enjoy the sun and waves!

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