Ubisoft operates in a small game without revealing, but all we know is that it is delayed

We have also made a decision to release in 2023-2024 a smaller payment game Ubisoft We understand absolutely nothing concerning this video game beyond what Ubisoft talk about its newest sales record, where it announces the hold-up of this strange experience: We have actually likewise decided to release in 2023-2024 a smaller payment game , originally set up for 2022-23

We will be alert to Ubisoft’s social networks to learn more about the peculiarities of this delivery, which, for what it appears, will be begged a little even more than the company anticipated. Yet, it is essential He has actually currently offered more details of his open globe and also acts to sail his seas on November 8 .

Today is not a good day for Ubisoft. Simply a few minutes ago, the French company announced a hold-up in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora that pushes it to the financial year of 2023-2024 . Nonetheless, this is not the only game that has actually gone through an adjustment in its launch home window, as it seems that the developer is working with another title that, although prepared for the duration of 2022-2023, also transforms its days .

Together with this, Ubisoft likewise identifies what the root causes of these last delays have actually been with a message that looks to the future with optimism: Although this added development time is a reflection of current constraints in production throughout the industry, We are striving to design the most effective working conditions to ensure both the flexibility of our groups as well as the solid performance while we carry the finest experiences to the players..

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