Play Stray for free, you wont have 7 lives but 7 days free

The new PS Plus started at the end of June and hVII Remake changed forever the operation of the service . Divided now into three different subscription models, in the two highest many more games are offered monthly to compete from you to you with the Xbox Game PVII Remakes catalog . Among the great novelties of July are, for example, titles such VII Remake Marvel’s Avengers or Final FantVII Remakey VII Remake Integrade (both for PS4 and PS5). But we also found one of the great releVII Remakees of this summer , Stray, the Cyberpunk adventure starring a cat. And pulling the new 7-day test of service , we can enjoy any of them for free for a week.

If we use the 7-day test, we will have this week of launch to pVII Remakes us Stray , whose duration is estimated to be around eight horites. Well, Stray or one of the more than 400 games in your library. If you are not interested in permancer in PlayStation Plus after the test, simplyremember to deactivate automatic renewal *.

Nuevo PS Plus: Subscription Types

In cVII Remakee you are not up to date with the changes of PlayStation Plus, these are the new types of subscription available:

  1. PS Plus Essential for 8.99 euros per month (24.99 to the quarter or 59.99 per year).
  2. PS Plus Extra for 13.99 euros per month (39.99 to the quarter or 99.99 per year).
  3. PS Plus Premium for 16.99 euros per month (49.99 to the quarter and 119.99 a year).

The Essential version would be the plus VII Remake we understood to date . Just to play online and with a couple of gift games per month. The PS Plus Extra version is The minimum that we would have to select to enjoy Stray , VII Remake it adds a catalog of more than 400 games, and the PS Plus Premium level adds to the clVII Remakesic package of consoles and pVII Remaket generations.

We remind you that in addition to the new PS Plus, Sony hVII Remake announced these days a rewards system called PlayStation Stars that will reward us and will give money just for playing .

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