Packages will soon send luxury? According to DHL, next parcel service increases prices

The exploding costs in various economic sectors do not pass the parcel services without a trace. After DHL and Hermes, DPD is now moving in.

NRW-Despite a temporary relaxation of the fuel prices, numerous parcel services, such as DHL and Hermes, make extensive price increases. While these have already enforced their surcharges for some types of shipments in times of inflation, DPD is now following a next big player in the industry. Customers have to dig deeper into their pockets.

Price increase in the parcel service: Deutsche Post DHL and Hermes have already attracted prices

Some of the price overviews currently circulating on the Internet, for example at _Paketda,are anything but up to date because of the rapid price increases at the large parcel service providers. The market leader had recently started.

Deutsche Post DHL had already increased the prizes for national package shipping on July 1st. The company explained that increased transport, delivery and wage costs as well as general cost increases (…) made price increases in national and cross-border package shipping, reports the hna.

Price increase in parcel service: DHL refers to higher costs in transportation

In addition, national package shipments are no longer cheaper to buy parcels and packages online. The price difference to the brands bought in the DHL branches was lifted. According to the hna, the company wants to reduce complexity and make its prices for customers clearer.

At Deutsche Post DHL, the national shipping of a package of size S now costs 3.99 euros and no more 3.79 euros. If you want to send a package of size M, according to the berliner Morgenpost, now pay 4.79 euros instead of 4.50 euros as before. Only the price for the most frequently used package 5 kg was surprisingly reduced from 7.49 euros to 6.99 euros, according to the dhl homepage.

Price increase in the parcel service: DPD does it and Hermes

On the other hand, at least for packages bought online to non-European countries, the price difference in favor of the online variant remains. Here it is still cheaper to create the package brand on the PC, pay it online and print it out than to go into the branch.

But within the EU, as well as in national package shipping, prices are higher. According to the berliner Morgenpost, this is on the __ increase in the flugraten and at the higher prices of the delivery partner abroad.

Parts with Hermes will be more expensive-online advantage will also fall soon

A similar picture is revealed by the competitor Hermes, who has also made some shipping categories more expensive and is planning further price increases. Here, for example, shipping online is just as expensive as the Hermes app will soon be as expensive as visiting a branch, where customers only label the brand.

From August 1, 2022, private customers will no longer get it cheaper if they label their parcels online. Finally, a package that is handed in in the package shop and which is then delivered to the recipient will now cost 4.50 euros and thus 20 cents more than before.

Price increase in the parcel service: Significant cost increases at DPD

So the times are not easy for both consumers and package services. DPD now justifies the selective increase in prices for shipping with the significant cost increases, a corporate spokeswoman told the Deutical press agency (dpa) .

So far, the company has not explained how high the prices rise and when exactly they should grip. DPD leaves its customers in the unclear about it. At a request from the Berliner Morgenpost, a PR agency commissioned by DPD said that the current situation company and private individuals worldwide and so also DPD.

Because of the noticeable cost increases, the prices must therefore be increased. The berliner Morgenpost gives the increased fuel prices for vans and trucks on the one hand as well as the increased wages for the employees on the other hand, despite existing gender differences, as possible reasons for the transfer of costs to customers.

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