Dragon Ball Super puts Goku at an epic moment

Although the anime is not broadcasting at the moment, Dragon Ball Super in its manga version continues to be published with a story that has left fans somewhat stunned. The last arch presented us to a villain known as Gas , who despite having great opponents such as Goku and Vegeta , has not demonstrated any sign of fear.

As seen in previous chapters, the protagonists obtained the forms of ultra ego and ultra instinct , respectively, powers that go far beyond them Super Saiyan . And although initially they gave some battle, Gas found a way to counteract them, so that at the moment Vegeta is out of combat.


Drafts are ready for DBS Ch.86, Full-Power Battle. Gas uses his telekinesis to strangle Goku and threatens to tear his head, but Goku teleports to a safe place and counterattack.

In the drafts of the episode 85 they show us to gas releasing the Ki of it, as well as some new powers. It seems that the villain has unlocked telekinesis and tries to strangle the protagonist. But fortunately, Goku managed to sneak out. The villain tells the Saijayin that he feels very good thanks to his new power, making it clear that his energy increases has a cost.

For now he does not feel that the end is coming, since the character is at the best time of him, he has even learned the weak points of each hero so as not to give them an apex of hope. As much, he is one of the strongest enemies to those who have ever faced, and now some think they should carry out a merger to beat him.

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