How to repair weapons in Stalker Anomaly

Repairing weapons in the Stalker Anomaly requires either paying the Technician several thousand rubles, or using a workbench and weapon parts. Both weapon repair methods require some training before you can use them. However, here’s what you need to do in order to fix weapons in Stalker Anomaly.

Where to find Technicians in Stalker Anomaly

If you want to pay a technician to repair your weapon, you must find one in one of the various locations in the Stalker Anomaly. However, there are a ton of places, so you’ll need to narrow down the list. Luckily, you can do this by opening your PDA and looking for a specific icon on the map. The icon you want to pay attention to is the gear icon and by holding the cursor you will see the place where you can find the technician. You can find one of these technicians on a farm north of the Novice Village, as shown below.

Find this technician and select the My equipment needs to be tuned option when talking to them. This will bring up the menu shown below. In this menu, you can repair any weapon you have by clicking on it while it is in your inventory. When you click on a weapon, a wrench icon will appear on the right. Click on the icon and you can repair your weapons for a certain amount of rubles. The cost of repairing your weapon depends on its durability. Repairing items with low durability will cost more, while items with higher durability will cost less. Because of this, the best way to upgrade damaged weapons is to use a workbench.

How to repair weapons using a workbench in Stalker Anomaly

In order to repair weapons with a workbench, you must first find a technician at a location like The Farm in Kordan. During the conversation with the technician, you must select the option Can I use your vice? I need to fix something. After choosing the option for using the workbench, you need to pay 1K rubles, for this you will have five minutes in real time. After you pay 1000 rubles, go to the nearest workbench as shown below and press F on it.

After opening the workbench, you will see a menu with several options for repairing your weapons. You must click on the wrench icon shown above. In the next menu, you can repair your weapon, but only if you have the necessary parts and a special set of tools. In short, all weapons in the game will require a Special Toolkit and also Parts can be obtained by dismantling the weapon. For example, if you want to repair a shotgun, you will need a shotgun tool kit and shotgun parts.

You can get the Shotgun Toolkit from looters and merchants. But in order to get parts for the shotgun, you must dismantle shotguns until you collect enough parts. You can find out what parts you need to repair a shotgun or any other weapon by right-clicking on the weapon and selecting Details. In the Details section, you can find a list of everything you need to repair your weapon in the Parts List section. Another way to check what parts you need is to look in the Repair section of the workbench.

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