Fifa umpire Benevenuto comes out as gay

I want to be able to have connections, I intend to be a referee in tranquility.

Igor Benevenuto

The 41-year-old additionally criticized homophobia and macho in football and in his native South America in an episode of the Globo Group’s podcast Nos Armários dos Vestiários (about: In the wardrobes of the clothing rooms). I have actually spent my life compromising myself to protect myself from the physical and psychological violence of homophobia, Benevenuto said. The Brazilian is on the World Football Organization’s listing of video referees for 2022.

He was able to hide his sexuality in the sporting activity since football is thought about a guy’s point. Throughout video games, nonetheless, he was additionally homophobically insulted by followers and club managers since of reports about it. In Brazil, where most gays are killed in the globe, he also needs to manage the concern of dying. This isn’t almost prejudice, it’s regarding fatality, stressed Benevenuto. Currently he desires to free himself: I want to be able to have partnerships, I want to be an umpire in tranquility.

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