All about the H4 Blixen in Call of Duty Warzone, Season 4: the most effective weapon, although not the most chosen

The meta (playstyle) in Call of Duty Warzone during Season 4 has made one thing clear: SMGs are king on the battlefield. While the SMG Marco 5 is still the most popular choice among users, the numbers for the SMG H4 Blixen have shown it to be far above it. Here’s everything you need to know about this beast.

The H4 Blixen has some pretty good numbers (via WZRanked) at the time of writing this guide: 5.46 pick ratio, 1.69 K/D, and 5.42 win ratio. The AR NZ-41 and the SMG Marco 5 vastly outpick him at 15.20 and 10.01. However, the effectiveness (K/D and wins) of the H4 Blixen is the highest on the chart.

How to turn the H4 Blixen into a weapon of destruction? To get started, equip her with the following accessories:

  • Muzzle : Recoil Amplifier.
  • Cannon : Bergström 43.18cm F3.
  • Look : Reflector State.
  • Butt : Butt removed.

* Coupling : Hand stop for M1941.
* Magazine/Ammo : Gorenko with 54 rounds / Elongated.
* Back handle : Strap handle.
* Advantages : Quick and fast.

As you can see in the image, the H4 Blixen is not a weapon that stands out in any of its statistics, but in practice it is a very reliable weapon both from the hip and when using the scope. It is a favorite of many professional players and its fame surpasses even the Marco 5. It is the perfect complement to weapons such as the NZ-41 and BAR assault rifles, and the ZRG 20mm and Kar98k marksman rifles.

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