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In recent years, various games have been able to play the game for free by switching the profit model from paid package sales to partial paid. In particular, multiplayer-oriented games are showing a lot of trends.

Since the barriers to entry called Paid are disappearing, the number of users increases after the conversion of the partial payment, and it is possible to meet in many places. In addition, if you support cross play that you can enjoy regardless of your PC and console, you will be able to match more comfortable matching. So this week [Gem ㅊㅊ] brought a ‘free’ multiplayer game without a problem with crossplay. Would you like to meet you from now on?

One. Paul Guys

The first protagonist is the Paul Guys, a messy party game, with 60 people in the finish line. As the developer entered Epic Games, he was able to play the game for free from June 21. Paul Guys, which has been converted, has proved its casual and popularity by achieving 20 million users in 48 hours of free.

This popularity also has a newly released impact with the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox version. With the Epic Games account, you can fully support crossplay and cross program on all platforms supported by the game.

The control of the Paul Guys is an easier axis than the previous three games. It is a game where you only need to pass through obstacles given by jumping, catching, and diving, arriving at your destination and surviving until you become the last 1. However, the game is easy to control and the game is not easy. I have to overcome all the triplets of constantly coming in, the interference of the opponent, the attack without the attempt of obstacles, and the hungry movement of my character. Nevertheless, the achievement of overcoming all these hardships and occupying a crown cannot be said. If you like the crazy atmosphere and noisy multiplayer, why not try it?

*2. Player Know Noons Battleground *

Player Know Neunce Battleground (Bagg) is a multiplayer game that has completed the free play on January 12. This allows new users to play games for free without purchasing. Although some contents, including ‘Competition’, an internal ranking system, are available only to join the paid service ‘Bag Plus’, but it is enough to enjoy it for free to enjoy with friends.

There are some people who are reluctant to be reluctant to have a lot of ‘deceased’, but for this purpose, Craftton has updated various ‘training grounds’. From the space where you can practice PVP combat, and a training center for aiming and sound play practice, you have introduced several systems that can be prepared enough before entering the battlefield. In addition, the new battlefield ‘Deston’ in the city, known as the code name ‘Kiki’, and new strategies and tactics for Deston will soon meet, so it is not bad to run the hot battlefield of Battleground in a new environment. Yeah.

* 3. Rust Out City *

‘Nok Out City’, which was converted to partial payments on June 2, is a team-centered sports shooting game based on the rules of Figo. It adds a variety of attack skills and unique effects to the basic rules of the dodge that they throw and receive the ball and drop out of the other teams, giving them a sense of speed and tension at the same time. In addition, the background is not a open field, but a building or car is placed, making it a structure that reminds us of tactical-oriented shooting games rather than sports games.

If you look at these elements, the game will be quite complicated, but Nok-Out City is a very intuitive game. There are no characteristics or skills between characters, so they do not ride their own, and if they don’t have a ball, they have the wrong ideas that can throw allies or enemies. It is a recommended game for those who want a cool blow and speed because they have a short play time of less than 10 minutes while playing one plate.

4. Rocket League ****


The last game of [Gem ㅊㅊ] is the rocket league that adds sports to racing. The rocket league with its unique gameability is a ‘soccer game’ where you need to show off your skills by using the same vehicle with the same vehicle. The player can drive a minicar and roll a bigger ball than the car and put it in the goal. If you use a variety of technologies in the process, you get additional points. All technologies that can be used in the game can be used enough with elements and basic moving placed on the map.

The rocket league is a game released in 2015, but it has the graphic quality that is complied with now, and the Nintendo Switch is optimized for it. Like the Paul Guys, the developer entered the Epic Games and proceeded with the partial fee. After the partial fee, it has become a game that cannot be added to the Steam Library, but it still has a rich connector that appears in the top 20 of the world’s simultaneous users of the Steam, so you can enjoy it with friends and enjoy it alone without worrying about matching.

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