Tencent makes a game -based open world game based on Kim Yong -yong, a martial arts novelist

Tencent Games is making an open world game based on Kim Yong-yong, a martial arts novelist who is well-known in Korea. Major fictional figures such as Yang Gu (Yang) appear.

Tencent Games held its annual conference ‘Spart 2022’ online on the 27th and unveiled 44 new games and new projects. Among them, 26 kinds of game-related news were announced, including new titles such as Code: Two Jin, Return to Empire, and League of Legends esports Manager.

Among them, the eye-catching one is the new world ‘Code: Tujin Jung’ based on the martial arts series of Chinese novelist Jin Yong (Kim Yong). Tencent’s game developer Light Speed Studio is being developed and licensed by Myeong-ho, a member of the original copper.

Based on Unreal Engine 5, an open world based on ancient China is introduced, and many martial arts novels such as Yang Gu, Chao Feng, and Ringhoo gun appear. In addition, the martial arts operation was reorganized based on a realistic physical engine, and photographic surveying technology provides a high-immersive game experience.

Tencent Games announced that it plans to digitize Jin Yong’s martial arts world with more partners and continue to promote martial arts culture with more partners.

Subsequently, ‘League of Legends e-Sports Manners’ based on the League of Legends League starts public service in China in July, and Tencent’s Timmy Studio is developing in cooperation with XBOX Game Studio ‘Mobile Strategy Game’ Return to Return to Empire ‘has been released. Return to Empire is based on Age of Empire IP.

In addition, Tencent’s own cloud gaming solution ‘Start Engine’ and their own cultural heritage digital restoration based on their game technology are also introduced in steel, aviation, robots, and science research.

Tencent Stephen Mars, vice president of game development, emphasized the importance of crossover technology, and users have begun to experience ‘hyper digital reality’ that combines virtual and reality experiences.

The game industry is not an industry that has developed its own independence. Since the beginning, the game industry has been developing mutually with the development of advanced technology, and has accumulated a series of unique technical capabilities in the process. As the understanding deepens, the game industry will play a more important role in the social economy and create more various innovation technologies and added value.

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