Lost Arc ends the first Loaon Summer with a new leader group

-Newlement Group Group Kim Sang-bok, Jeon Jae-hak, Lee Byung-tak, Senior Team Leader Troika Announced… 270,000 viewers at the same time

-The new class Meteorological Meteor, the head of the disease military, Ilia Khan, and Moko Bean Island announced summer updates

-2022 Summer event ‘Maharaka Festival’ and various growth support events ‘Hyper Express Plus’, ‘Jumping’

-The special summer thanksgiving gifts consisting of a variety of items such as ‘Summer Mococo Avatar’, ‘Bachelor’s Avatar’, wallpaper, vehicle, and new OST sound sources

Smilegate RPG announced today that it has completed the online adventurer festival, Loaon Summer, which announces a large-scale update roadmap this summer with the new leader group of MMORPG , which is developed and serviced by the company.

The event, which was held online through the official YouTube and Twitch channels, recorded 270,000 viewers at the same time, proving adventurers’ interest in this summer update. The event was announced, starting with the announcement of the new leader group of Lost Arc, which connects the former director of Geumgang Line, and new contents, events and collaborations.

Three new leader groups, followed by Kim Sang-bok, Jeon Jae-hak, and Lee Byung-tak, who were followed by Kumgang-sun Director. Kim Sang-bok, the leader of the continent, dungeons, and islands, is in charge of the game economy, such as combat planning, such as combat system, character, and monster, and Lee Byung-Tak.

These three leader groups have been expected to develop Lost Arc with adventurers as they have been breathing for a long time with the director of Kumgang Line.

In the following announcement, information on game improvement plans and a large amount of new content will be revealed this summer. The main improvements include ▲ class balance patch, all server community, ▲ Tripod illustration, ▲ MVP system reorganization, and beginner adventure care system.

In particular, when the announcement of the improvement of the Avatar Warehouse for the convenience of the adventurers was announced, the voices of welcoming in the real-time chat window increased and the adventurers could confirm the response of the adventurers.

In addition, as a new content to be updated this summer, ▲ Elgasia After Story, ▲ Special List Meteorologist, ▲ Disease Military Director Ilia Khan, ▲ Moko Kong Island, ▲ Expeditionary Ruins Update, ▲ New Guardian Sonabel, ▲ This was announced.

In particular, Elgasia’s after story was updated on the 29th, and the new class metropolitan artist was added on July 6, raising the expectations of adventurers. The new legion leader, Raid, who was prepared for a long time, was announced that it was scheduled to be updated this summer and peaked.

In addition, Moko Kong Island, an island where you can enjoy 2D side-scrolling content, was also announced to attract expectations.

Summer events were also introduced to provide various benefits to adventurers. This year’s Lost Arc Summer Festival ‘Maharaka Festival’, which will be held this year, is prepared for various summer event games and cool collaboration for summer. First of all, run as a play event ▲ run! Moko Koz and ▲ Dukiduki Pang Fang are available, and adventurers can run into Moco Beans and fight with the heated ‘Duci’ character.

Lost Arc also prepared a collaboration that can raise the expectations of adventurers. This collaboration is with Ocean World, a brand that is suitable for the summer season. Adventurers can receive various benefits through the in-game event, and can meet Mococo in Ocean World as well as buses decorated with Mococo, a mascot of .

In addition, ‘Hyper Express Plus’, which supports the high-speed growth of adventurers, provides more growth support benefits from the existing item level 1,445 to the item level 1,460, allowing you to play the updated Elgasia continent. In addition, adventurers can meet this summer’s update period, including Story Express Plus and Jumping Rights, which offer extended benefits to the southern part of Bern.

In addition to summer events, the Maharaka Happiness Tree campaign, which can spread the good influence with adventurers, will begin again. If the fruit is made in the tree of happiness with the participation of the summer event of the adventurers, the donation will be raised to deliver love and hope throughout the name of the adventurers.

Smilegate RPG also prepared a variety of thanksgiving gifts that included special limited items to commemorate the Loaon Summer. First of all, in the summer of 2022, the newly released ‘Summer Mococo Avatar’ and ‘Academic Avatar’ are available.

In addition, the ‘Roaon Special Legend Card Selection Box’, as well as the Elgasia, which was first released after the Elgasia Continent Update, was paid for the ‘Sweet Dreams,’ Sweet Dreams, My DEAR ‘Korean version OST music.. In addition, thanksgiving gifts include various items useful for gameplay, such as Peon, ancient platinum, and battle item comprehensive boxes.

Summer thanksgiving gifts can be received by entering ‘Cool Summer Vacation with Roa’ in the official website coupon input window.

Lastly, the official sales of the Lost Arc adventurers was announced at the end of August. The Lost Arc Goods Shop will sell various mococo products and Lost Arc character products at all times. In addition, the commemorative album of OST concert ‘Dear Friends’ will be released later, allowing you to continue the impression of the last concert.

Smilegate RPG Suwon Gil said, Many people cheer and expect the first event with the new leader group. I will do my best to give you the best experience.

Lost Arc has been trying to have fun, which is the essence of the game, and this summer update is the results that we wanted to have new fun with various events, new content, and collaboration. Through these attempts, we will be able to grow beyond Korea and grow as the world’s representative MMORPG.

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